Hiking Mount Arab, in Double Speed

There are 46-mile trails to hike in the Adirondacks, and then there are 1 mile ones. As much as I’d have loved to sweat it out going for the big ones, the 1-mile Mount Arab route was all I had time for. Shame.

Short distance, far-reaching vistas and a fire tower to climb at the top to see even further – that’s the kind of hike I like.

Mount Arab Hike

Our guide Joan Collins started us off up the hill. One of the most exciting points for me was getting to ‘sign in’ on the trail like I’d seen Cheryl Strayed do in Wild and Alexander McCandless in Into the Wild. It’s just so people know if you’re still out there, but I’ve only ever seen it in the movies so to me it was intriguing.

Views from the top

The whole group of us made it to the top, no bother. I may have been in the group that raced ahead. Oops.

One mile on a trail is a lot harder than one mile on the road, so people kept telling me, so it was a good job Joan had a supply of protein bars when we got to the top. We needed our strength.

Hiking Mount Arab

Check out these incredible views to the lakes…

Mount Arab hike Views of Mount Arab

It didn’t take long for them to become even better once I mounted the fire tower atop the mountain. People used to sit up there for days on end looking out for fires to warn the others. The structures have been left now, for the aesthetics both to look at and from.

Mount Arab hike

The Mount Arab hike was a simple one we managed up and down in two hours, with obvious selfie and snack breaks in between.

Good fun if you find yourself in the Adirondacks!

I was a guest of ROOST ADK in the Adirondacks – you can find out more about the trip, and see the rest of my coverage at eplny.com/vickyflipflop. 

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    • by Vicky on August 26, 2015  4:03 pm Reply

      Thanks Danielle – it was!

  1. by Sandy Allen on August 25, 2015  7:15 pm Reply

    I LOVE the video! Well done! The music is perfect...I especially love the stair climbing part, lol. Great post!

    • by Vicky on August 26, 2015  4:02 pm Reply

      Ha, glad you like it Sandy! Starring role!

  2. by Erin on August 26, 2015  9:51 pm Reply

    I must say that my model walk came out very nicely on this video. ;)

    Great recap of a wonderful time on the mountain. Also, thanks for the video of the fire tower, since some of us are too afraid of heights to climb up it.

    • by Vicky on August 27, 2015  4:56 pm Reply

      Yes, I think it makes the video to be honest :)

  3. by Cailin on August 27, 2015  1:25 am Reply

    Such a cute little video! Also I agree, her signing into that book was so cool and something I had only seen in the movies too! It's so smart to have!

  4. by Linzi Clark on August 30, 2015  8:37 am Reply

    A one mile hike is my kind of hike!! Great to see the Adirondacks featured as we don't normally hear too much about them in the UK.

    • by Vicky on August 31, 2015  9:18 am Reply

      Yeah, it doesn't seem like somewhere that's really on people's radar here. I think it's difficult to get past the idea of NYC when it comes to New York, but it's definitely worth getting out of the city and checking out the state.

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