Being a Home Owner Week 3: Accepting My Limits

In this third week of owning a home I’ve definitely reached my limits.

First off, financially. Both the electric works and plastering ended up costing more than I expected, at least 25% more for both. This has totally wiped me out. The only furniture I owned before moving in was a desk and a chair – there’s so much stuff I need to buy but it’s all just going to have to wait.

Being a home owner

Secondly, with work. I’ve found it hard to sit down and get much done since the whole project started. Just grabbing an hour here and there doesn’t really cut it with blogging. Thanks to going London quite a bit over the last few weeks, as well as the house stuff – the emails, promised freelance writing and blog problems were adding up. This was stressing me out. With my parents here obviously I wanted to talk to them, rather than do any work, but it’s the work that pays for the whole thing. Not like I can go into an office and forget about it all.

week three home owner

Thirdly, with sleeping. In the past two weeks I’ve slept at my old place, in a hotel, in my lounge here, one of my rooms here and my dining room, on a blow up mattress. I was tired. I just needed a few nights of sleeping in the same place, and of actual proper sleep to feel human again, and to feel clean. Workmen were here at 8am every day, I was doing house things all day, and then working at night – didn’t even have time to find my hair dryer in the mornings.

So, this third week…

My parents left on Tuesday and I’ve spent the last two days just getting my stuff sorted in some way (in boxes, no drawers round here) and trying to mop all the plaster dust from the floors for the third time.

– I’m sleeping in what will be my lounge while the plaster upstairs dries

I just needed that Tuesday, Wednesday and yesterday to catch up on things, and feel like a real person again, not that I’m living on a building site. I’ll admit I have also watched the entire series of Stranger Things in anticipation for the new series starting tonight, but I was working at the same time, promise.

And now I’m ready to go again.

Three weeks a home owner

– From my Instagram Stories

On the plus side, I now have over 20 brand new sockets in my house (might’ve gone a little OTT), just waiting for me to plug my electrics in, and the lighting is finally safe. With the sun shining through these last few days my little palace is looking good.

It’s toasty in here too – thanks to the whole terrace thing. In my last flat the cold was the final straw. It was freezing. After living there March to October I knew I couldn’t see a winter through, especially with working from home. It’s at least 10 degrees warmer here, without the heating on.

I saw my neighbour yesterday and I apologised for the excessive noise and he told me not to worry, and that ‘being happy in my new home and getting it the way I wanted was the important thing’.

What a love.

People are so nice round here.

I went to Ikea on Sunday – the first time I’ve stepped foot in that place for years. To be honest there wasn’t that much I went crazy over. I remember going as a kid and thinking one day, one day, I will come here and decorate my house amazingly… before coming away with a photo frame and a cactus plant. All I bought were cushion covers for my conservatory bench, but I’m sure there’ll be more.

Next week in the house

Not much is going to happen house wise in the next week though.

I’m off to Derbyshire for my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary and then to London for the next weekend to see some friends, so I won’t do an update next week. Then, the next one will be my last ‘weekly update’, because, fingers crossed, I’ll have some finished rooms to show you.

Today at FlipFlop HQ

And that’s about it.

Today’s house adventures include waiting for the plumber to come and ‘bleed the radiators’, attempting to diagnose why the conservatory is leaking, and yet again, mopping the plaster dust from the floors upstairs. With the sun shining through, the music on and good vibes for a fun weekend ahead, I do actually really like doing it.

Definitely ready for a holiday though – been too long!

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  1. by Chadwick on October 27, 2017  3:23 pm Reply

    Welcome to home ownership! The bottomless pit for all your money! You will never have enough money to do all the things you want to do, certainly not before something else breaks and need replacing. Not a comment on your financial situation, just a truism on home ownership.

    You can never have too many plug sockets. Our house is 70s, when they though you'd only ever need a single socket for your TV. We had the lounge replastered recently and despite having an additional socket put in elsewhere, we did not even think about adding more sockets everywhere else. Stupid mistake.

    Love the wooden floor. Are you keeping it?

    • by VickyFlipFlop on October 31, 2017  9:14 am Reply

      Yep, keeping the wooden floors! They need buffering up :).

      Ah no that's annoying about the sockets! You just never really know the right thing to do, do you? That's what I've discovered anyway. Just got to do what's right at the time. Yeah, owning a house is SO expensive, especially doing it by myself. Having to make some sacrifices here and there but this is what I've wanted for a few years now so I've brought it on myself! All good fun though. Made good progress in the two weeks.

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