As you may have noticed, I travel a lot. If you follow me regularly you might wonder how on earth I’ve paid for it all. According to one or two Twitter trolls, and a few comment trolls, I’m obviously from a rich family with mummy and daddy paying for me to swan around the world using this blog as a facade.

Affording travel

Or maybe I robbed a bank? Or maybe I’ve got a sugar daddy? Or maybe… just maybe, I’ve worked hard for every passport stamp I’ve got.

Here’s a quick run down of what I’ve done to afford every single trip in my repertoire.

Aged 15

– no photos, sadly 🙂

Sunnyside Holiday Camp in Newquay – paper round, Avon lady and pub work.

Aged 16-19

– definitely not showing you those ones…  

Girls Trips to Kos, Kavos, Ibiza and with my high school bezza to the USA for two weeks – working at Boots every weekend and Bank Holiday for three years. 

Aged 20-21

How I've afforded to travel

Two years at USA Summer Camps – at university I worked at Boots, Topshop, letter stuffing, data entry, a pub and as a CCUSA rep (second year), and you get paid for being at camp too. 

Australia – credit card, oops. 

Aged 22

How I afford my travels

Spain for a summer – at journalism college I worked at a pub part time, and barely went out. 

Ibiza – got a random taxback, didn’t know I was getting it and booked a flight the next week #rocknroll, probably one of the coolest things I’ve done.

Aged 23

How I've paid for my travels

Malta, Morocco, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ibiza (again) – from working on UK magazines as a Sub Editor. 

Aged 24

How I pay for travel

Four-month trip round Europe – came back with £6k on a credit card, oops, again.

Aged 25-28

How I Paid for my travel

Vietnam, Qatar, Scotland, Porto, Norway – from working at as a Content Editor and then as a Content and Social Media Manager.

Porto, again – work trip from my awesome job at

Prague, Cuba, Vancouver, New York, Toronto, New Zealand, Australia – work trips from my even more awesome job at 

My LinkedIn Profile, just in case you’re interested. 

Aged 28-today

How to afford travel

Gambia, South Africa, Israel, Phuket, Montreal, California, Florida, Florida Keys, Saint Lucia, St Kitts, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Italy, Russia, Scotland, France – press trips from working on this blog.

Sharm el Sheikh, Amsterdam, Zanzibar, Nairobi, Cuba – competition wins.

Almost two years of living nomadically (going to over 20 countries) – freelance writing, blog sponsorship, or for more information check out these two posts.

7 Ways I Make Money Travel Blogging 

Travel the World for Free

Do my parents give me money?

Do my parents give me money?

Dude, I’m 31. I may live the life of a big kid but my finances are all mine.

My parents paid for me to go on holiday in the UK every year as a child, a trip to Euro Disney when my grandpa died, to go to Turkey for a week with school in Year 10, and a trip to Iceland when I was 28 with my Grandma’s inheritance. For all of which I’m very grateful.

They have not paid for any other trip.

All my other travels have been done on either minimum wage work, or a hardworking journalist’s salary living in London.

Until the blog came along that is…

how much is st kitts

Travel isn’t just for rich people or only worth doing long term, any length of time spent experiencing other cultures can only improve yours. For many people, if you put your mind to it, you can afford it.

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