How to Carry Medication on Your Travels

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Carrying medicine abroad

Well, that can prove to be the hardest for the majority of people to pack. Many travellers will merely stuff some aspirin or prescription medication into their bags without thinking twice. However, carrying medicine requires planning in the same way that you plan on what to wear during your travels.

Here are some things to consider when carrying medication during your trips.

1. Prescription drugs restrictions and supply

It is important to research before planning to travel to a particular place or country. For instance, amphetamines prescription drugs are illegal in Japan. Some other countries restrict the importation of prescription medicine.

For people who use medical equipment, it is essential to find out what forms you have to fill in before visiting certain countries. For such in-depth research, you can visit the embassy of the country you plan to travel to or log into their website.

For countries that allow prescription drugs, you will have to carry enough to last the entire trip. You can also pack an extra dose in case the trip extends. Your doctor can work with your medical travel insurance company so that you can acquire the additional medication.

2. Documentation for your prescription

The majority of countries require proof that the prescription you are carrying belongs to you. Therefore, the best way to prove that the medicine you are carrying is your property is to bring prescription documentation along with you. The prescription documentation can be a written prescription from your healthcare provider or doctor.

carrying medication abroad

You can also carry with you, a copy of your medical records signed by your doctor. Prescription documentation also comes in handy especially if you lose your medication when traveling. You do not have to worry about not having medication in such cases.

3. Storage for your medicine

Unlike your other luggage, storing your medication requires more careful consideration. Ensure you carry your medication in their original containers. If asked to prove that you are indeed the owner of the prescription medication you carry, then the container will be adequate proof.

If you’re planning to travel by bus, train, or air, ensure you store your medication in a carry bag and keep it close to you at all times. Apart from storing them in a clear container, keep them in a cool, dry place. The way you store your medication is important as it can determine if at the end of your travels the medication is damaged or not.

4. Dosage Schedule

If you have travel plans that require a change of time zones, you also have to change the time you take your medication. Talk to your doctor and come up with a dosage schedule that you can use when traveling. You can also opt to purchase a multi-zone watch to assist you to keep track of the time you should take your medication. You can also use the internet and set up a reminder.

Remember that it is important to follow standard travel procedures when carrying medication during your travels.

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