Thought I’d treat the parents last week with a trip to see The Kinks’ Sunny Afternoon Musical and a night at the Grange Hotel in Holborn. It wasn’t cheap, I’m sure it doesn’t sound it.

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TopCashback invited me to try out their site, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to earn some brownie points with mum and dad. Basically, they earn money through advertising other websites, TopCashback, not my parents, and so they hand the saving back to you when you book from their site.

Save as you spend

Holborn Grange Hotel

If you’re going to spend money you might as well make it work for you and get discounts to make whatever it is you were going to buy, cheaper. You can earn up to 20% back.

Bargain restaurantI spent £139 on a room at the Grange Hotel Holborn, and earned £13.13 back. Enough to cover my lunch menu and drink at The Real Greek restaurant in Covent Garden, as demonstrated by my glamorous assistant, or dad, as I like to call him.

For anyone who’s not familiar with Central London hotel prices, that’s a pretty good deal. I chose the Secret Hotel deal from, one of their service providers. You pick the area you want to be in, and they pick the hotel, based on availability. It’s meant to be a cheaper way to get a good deal.

The tickets for Sunny Afternoon were £104 for three, and I got £5.47 back, which bought me the drink in the pub opposite the theatre. Again, this was through

Free money, love it.

The cost

How to save money on stuff

It doesn’t cost anything to sign up to, you pay the same price as normal for whichever service you choose, you can start earning right away and they have loads of companies to book through.

Some of my favourite travel brands on there include,, and It’s not just travel brands though, you can also get money back on Argos, Monsoon, Zalando, Currys, Sky, and, among many others.


Real Greek dinner

If you’re wondering about the show, Sunny Afternoon, we enjoyed it, but oo it did have quite a lot of unnecessary swearing in. We don’t like that. Interesting storyline though, and of course, the Kinks’ music was great.

My parents enjoyed the hotel. I’m still a little shocked at how much London hotels cost, but I know it’s all about the location and it was definitely in a good spot. It’s services like that can help to make hotels and travel in general more affordable. You just need to remember to do it!

Almost any money you spend online you can earn money on it on, which means you can spend more money on more fun things instead. Like Mythos beer.

Join with this link and you’ll get a £5 M&S gift card. Lunch for free!

Win up to £1,000 with TopCashback

Top Cashback

They’re currently running a selfie competition where you can win up to £1000. Just enter your TopCashbacking selfie via Twitter or Facebook, with the following message including how much you’ve saved and you’ll be in it to (hopefully) win it.

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