How to Make Money for Travelling if You’re a Student

Students are often baffled by their financial issues. A lot of them don’t realise that by going into higher education, they are entering into the world of adult finances. With that comes a need for responsibility, diligence and maturity. It’s very hard as a student, to juggle your studies (making sure that everything is handed in on time and to a high quality) at the same time as managing your finances. And unfortunately, a lot of students have their hearts set on going abroad and travelling during their summer.

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Students often see this as a very freeing experience where they can interact with a culture that they may have never seen before, and try a lot of new things that they wouldn’t be able to at home. So how are students supposed overcome these obstacles, and find their way through to that dream of travelling at the end of their hard worked year?

A lot of students aren’t able to do something that spontaneous simply because their financial situation won’t allow it. But, if you don’t want that to happen to you, then we’ve got something to help! We’re going to detail to you a few little tips and tricks that are going to help you save money during the year. If you’re able to save money, or have cash coming in throughout the year, the chances that you’ll be able to go travelling will increase exponentially. Have a good look through these little pieces of advice, and before you know it, you’ll be packing your bag eagerly in anticipation of jetting off to a distant land!

Get a job

Jobs come in very different shapes and sizes. Usually when a student thinks of a job, they think of the tough 9 to 5 job that their parents probably have, or they think of working at a bar down the road until very late at night. Though these are two types of jobs that you can get, it is only a drop in the job ocean to be honest!

Students can find jobs online very easily, if you fancy yourself a bit of a skilled writer, there are plenty of companies looking for one time workers to help them on jobs. Freelance work is great because students can choose as and when they do it and it doesn’t get in the way of their studies at all. If you can’t write, then there are always companies looking for voice actors, graphic designers and a whole host of other helpers too!

You could even do some essay writing work at a research paper service like PapersOwl. But, if you don’t fancy the sound of all that, there are always plenty of local businesses looking for fresh-faced individuals to help with their businesses. The important part is that you assure that you’re getting a regular flow of money into your account. That way you are fighting back against the tide of spending at University or College, and also adding to your money that you will use for travelling.

Sell your things

Do you have a whole lot of stuff gathering dust in your flat or your family home? Well that stuff doesn’t have to sit there for the rest of time! A lot of people save money by starting a boot sale or selling their stuff online.

Get all of the stuff you don’t need into piles and sort out what you think might sell.

Clothes are good as vintage clothes are often very expensive. But you can sell just about anything online given that people will probably want it. Have a look at all the stuff you have and come to a conclusion as to whether it has selling power or not. It may just seem like a bit of money that won’t help, but every little penny you can save will definitely support your travelling dreams in the long run.

It can be very hard to save money for travelling as a student. But this does not mean it is impossible, you just really have to put your mind to it and make saving money your top priority. Before you know it you will be setting off to some strange and alien place, ready to have the experience of your life!

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