Humans of New York and the Refugees

Humans of New York

If you told me David Cameron et al were going to do something to help with the relations between refugees and residents in Europe I wouldn’t believe you.

If you told me Brandon from Humans of New York was, I’d know that attitudes, perspectives and points of view throughout the world were going to change. Five updates in and Brandon’s power and skill at listening to stories and teaching his now 15-million+ strong audience about people from all over the world is just absolutely incredible, and heartbreaking.

“My husband and I sold everything we had to afford the journey. We worked 15 hours a day in Turkey until we had enough…

Posted by Humans of New York on Monday, 28 September 2015

I’ve thought a lot about the refugees, felt bad and horrified at some of the reactions I’ve read and heard. I’ve read a few of their stories in the news and together with anyone with a heart felt awful for Aylan Kurdi and his family. I’ve been in a few discussions where we’ve discussed what we can do to help, even Googled it. But had I done anything about it, apart from donating all our camping stuff at Bestival? Well, no.

After reading update number three on Brandon’s page, about the guy who had to use the last of his money to pay for his dad’s operation and then his sister found his brother’s head after ISIS murdered him, I had to help out.

“Before leaving for Europe, I went back to Syria to see my family once more. I slept in my uncle’s barn the entire time…

Posted by Humans of New York on Saturday, 26 September 2015

The top comment on that post pretty much sums it up – the experiences that some of the refugees have been through are too awful for most of the Western World to comprehend, and so we don’t.

There are so many ways to help, as highlighted here in the Guardian, and I hope to do more in the future. But for now I chose to go with the Red Cross and donate enough to help a few families to keep warm at least. Take a look at how much a donation can help, and then just do it. You won’t even notice in the end, but they will.

And if you don’t feel like you can donate just yet, follow the stories Brandon finds on Facebook.

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