Middelfart’s Latest Attraction: the LilleBaelt Bridgewalk

Oh the things you agree to do hey? One of these ‘things’ being walking 3km across the Lillebælt Bridge 60 metres above sea level in Middelfart, Denmark.

Not my best look

– Not the best I’ve ever looked, I’ll agree with you on that one

It wasn’t until I was all suited and belayed with my GoPro selotaped firmly around my wrist – and saw the huge bridge in the distance – that I quite registered what I was about to do.

Sometimes I have this weird things with heights, like when I’d been skiing at Mount Zao in Japan for a few hours and then suddenly felt the fear and how high I was and panicked. But then other times I’ll jump out of a plane at 15,000ft with a smile on my face. Depends how I feel on the day really.

Bridgewalking the ‘Old Little Belt Bridge’

Well this day, in August in Denmark – did I mention I was in Middelfart? – I was feeling strong. My hands weren’t even shaking, which they usually start to do at even a sniff of an adrenaline rush.

Bridgewalking in Middelfart

– A whole new world: just up and over those steps you see there 

I climbed the initial steps up the Old Little Belt Bridge with my 19 fellow bridgewalkers – ranging from my age to 60+, at a guess – and fixed my straps to the pole at the side as instructed. That safety mechanism was the only thing separating me from the pedestrians and traffic driving across the bridge below, well, and the bridge.

Bridgewalk at Middelfart

– Every time a train went over, the bridge shook

Views from the bridge

It didn’t take long to reach the top and the views were incredible. I could see as far as windmills, out to the Hindsgavl Wild Nature Park and just on the other side of the bank, some awesome Danish olde houses right next to others that looked straight out of Grand Designs.

We could see the boats sailing under, the New Little Belt Bridge across the island and the bridge doing its job for all the cyclists, pedestrians and cars below.

Bridgewalk at Middelfart

– So peaceful watching the ships and boats pass 60m below

We walked, our guide talked and then we’d stop and admire the view. Experiencing the Bridgewalk at Middelfart literally gave a brilliant overview of the area, from the history, culture and engineering lessons we were given by the guide to what we could see with our own eyes.

Bridgewalk review in Middelfart

There’s no ‘don’t look down’ here. It’s part of the fun. Whenever a train would go through we’d pause and feel the reverberations 60m up where we were stood. The whole experience took around two hours.

Try it!

Walking the bridge in Middelfart

The bridgewalk only opened in May and has already surpassed their visitor predictions. Word of mouth is bringing in the new visitors and from personal experience I’d definitely recommend it. There are only two other places you can do a Bridgewalk like this – Auckland and Sydney.

To get to the Bridgewalk catch a train to either Middelfart or Frederica and catch the bus to the Welcome Centre. The visitor centre has a little café and souvenirs of course.

Denmark Bridgewalk

The Bridgewalk isn’t scary: it’s calming, peaceful and a great way to see this part of Denmark. And you even get to keep your suit.

I was a guest of the Denmark Tourist Board, but you can do the bridgewalk for 249DDK / £25 per person. Find out more, or just go for it and buy your tickets, right here on the Bridgewalk website

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  1. by Leanne on October 7, 2015  12:43 pm Reply

    I'm not particularly afraid of heights but just looking at these pictures makes me feel a bit queasy! x

    • by Vicky on October 12, 2015  11:42 am Reply

      Ha, it didn't feel too high when I was up there actually but I'm sure that would change if it was any kind of windy, rainy or grim day. It was a perfect day for it when I went!

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