I’m Planning to Lose Some Weight While Travelling…

I’ve decided to spend this last month in America being as healthy as possible. This time last year, when I got back from India after four months in Asia, I was a stone lighter than I am now. Pretty devo but thinking back to the last year I know I deserve every pound that’s clung to me since.

Eating out (sometimes three times a day, pretty much always twice), festivals, parties, celebrations, 12oz cocktails and beers everywhere I go have been a LOT of fun, but carry on putting a stone every year and I will not be a happy sausage.

Mmmm sausages. 

Lose weight while travelling

– More cycling is needed

I’m not quite as heavy as I was when I went travelling, two years ago, but that accolade is only a few pounds away.

So this last week I’ve been tracking my food intake in the myfitnesspal app. I’ve used it before, 35 months ago according to the app’s records, but technology seems to have come on since my last login and now it syncs up to your step tracker on your phone too. If there’s one exercise I like to do, it’s walking, so that counts towards my daily allowance.

It’s interesting to see all the nutritional values for the foods I eat laid out so clearly.

Counting calories

Lose weight while travelling

– Mmmm, brownies from Court of Two Sisters in New Orleans

But having the calorie count of everything at hand has unearthed some absolute shockers from my last week.

– Those beignets you see on my New Orleans video, and on my Snapchat = 280 calories EACH. So a portion of 3 is 840 calories, 840! I had them four times in New Orleans, argh!

– The other night, trying to be healthy, I ordered fish, broccoli and the corn on the cob that I’d come to realise was oh so delicious in America. ‘Must be the freshness here,’ I thought. No, at 180 calories according to the restaurant’s website I realise it’s the brick of butter they must be soaked in.

– Half and half milk is apparently CREAM and milk. I’ve been drinking that for the two months I’ve been here, in my coffees and teas, even in my porridge at some points. I thought it was the healthy option. Gutted.

– I can’t even acknowledge how many calories rum cocktails have. Especially the disgustingly sized daiquiris I’ve been guzzling here.

I should’ve been on this app as soon as I came here – definitely could’ve saved myself a few pounds. I used to know the calories in everything but looks like the US is a whole new ball game, or more likely, I’ve been in denial. It has been fun though.

I do like healthy food, I just like unhealthy food that lee-tle bit more.

Excuses, excuses

Lose weight while travelling

– Balahootini cocktail from Balahoo in St Kitts, just 1 of tens of cocktails I had that week

My current excuse is that I’m only wherever I am once. I have to try everything in Austria, everything in Israel, everything in Thailand, and all the restaurants in New Orleans. I can’t just have a salad when the local fare needs to be sampled, and the cocktail of the house, of course.

But I’ve been in the US for two months now. I’ve tried the BBQ, I know the ‘candy’ here as well as I do the sweets at home. I know what key lime pie is, what muffelatta are, what the ice cream here tastes like, what burgers are, I think I’ve been to every fast food restaurant. I know. I’ve scoped the place out. I get it.

It’s time to go healthy.

I’m planning on not drinking until I go to TBEX at the end of the month, with a day off in each Nashville, Chicago and Memphis – c’mon, gotta be realistic.

And this Sunday I’m going to the Tennessee Fitness Spa for a week to kickstart this new lifestyle. Some might call it a ‘Fat Camp’, but I like to think of it as a reset to the terrible food and drink habits I’ve picked up over the last year of doing whatever the hell I like.

At the Tennessee Fitness Spa

Lose weight while travelling

– Veggie dinner from SEED Restaurant in New Orleans

  • Healthy meals 3 times a day
  • 6-8 hours of exercise a day
  • Nutritional classes

They say it’s ‘like summer camp for adults’. They’ve been going for 25 years so they obviously know what they’re doing. There’s a beauty salon, pool, massage rooms, gardens, nightly activities, sauna and a hot tub too. Doubt we’ll be cracking open the Champers in that but I’ll enjoy my organic carrot juice et al for a change.

A whole week of high protein, healthy carbs and 7am exercise.

I’m scared / excited.

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  1. by Angie Silver on May 4, 2016  8:48 am Reply

    That is the only thing that I don't like about travel; I always put on weight.

    • by Vicky on May 4, 2016  2:05 pm Reply

      Yeah, there are just too many delicious temptations around aren't there? I need to learn that I don't actually have to try EVERYTHING in a destination :)

  2. by Emily Ray on May 4, 2016  1:11 pm Reply

    Nice! You can do this! :D Over the last few years I've put on almost 4 stone (whoops), and I've lost *almost* 2 stone over the last 2 months. I've found that actually moving my butt and doing some exercise makes me feel a lot better – although it is hard when you're away and faced with so many tempting options! Don't feel bad about indulging now and again though...you've got to make the most of all your travels :) x

    • by Vicky on May 4, 2016  2:04 pm Reply

      TWO STONE IN TWO MONTHS?! You're my inspiration Emily! Please write a blog post about how to do this. Although, I know, eat less, exercise more. There must be a quick way round! I am actually feeling better already, I think laying off the booze will help :(.

  3. by Jayne on May 4, 2016  11:28 pm Reply

    I would balloon if I was travelling as much as you are - in fact I did the first couple of years of freelancing. I love myfitnesspal although I have to remind myself not to eat the same amount of calories I've burnt off by walking. Your fitness retreat sounds like fun though. Look forward to hearing how you get along.

  4. by Lauren Craving Sunshine on May 5, 2016  4:59 am Reply

    Urgh! I know that feeling! I was hoping as soon as we got to Mexico the heat wouldn't make me want to eat as much. That was until I discovered we live 2 doors down from an amazing local taco joint, and yesterday we discovered an Italian bakery/pasta place just along from us too! Doomed!

  5. by Maggie on May 5, 2016  5:41 am Reply

    Pretty Nice Post!! its true that we put on weight while travelling...Thanks for sharing tips to loose weight during travelling...

  6. by Nancy on May 5, 2016  11:23 am Reply

    I'm in love with your blog!! Just stumbled upon it and I think I'm reading half of it!! :) Just wanted to let you know ;)

    Nancy | spacesXplaces

  7. by Catherine Mc Gloin on May 9, 2016  9:05 am Reply

    America is one of THE hardest places to eat healthy I've found (unless you're doing the cooking yourself) because everything is so rich/creamy/salty/juicy/buttery (a.k.a. delicious) so good on you for getting a kick-start. Keen to find out what the fitness spa is like! Good luck!

    • by Vicky on May 15, 2016  2:12 am Reply

      Definitely. And there are so many 'oh you must try this heres' in every state. I think Louisiana is possibly one of the worst states for that as there were so many local foods. Nashville doesn't seem like that so I'm excited to visit tomorrow. The camp was awesome. I'll be writing about it very soon!

  8. by Laura on May 10, 2016  2:54 pm Reply

    Hey Vicky, I hope it went well there but those Balahootini's were so good! x

    • by Vicky on May 15, 2016  2:11 am Reply

      Haven't had any alcohol for two weeks. My body is confused. :)

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