11 Reasons Why IHG Points are Brilliant

I was recently invited by the crew at IHG to spend 1 million IHG Rewards points however I wanted. You can see my shopping list on that link, note that I haven’t greedily gobbled them all and have shared the good fortune around. Kept most of them for myself though, obviously.

Deciding what to buy has been great and it’s not over yet. As a sort of celebration I thought I’d outline a few reasons why it could be a good idea for you to start collecting IHG points so you can reap the rewards, like I have.

1. You can look like a rock star

Being able to treat mum and dad to a night in London, and to some gift vouchers and a day at Champneys felt pretty good, for me and for them. You can splash out on yourself, family and friends in a way only rock stars can. Maybe not the big rock stars, I’m sure they buy islands as presents, or something similar…

2. They get you out of your comfort zone

They say do one thing every day that scares you – well IHG Rewards points can help. You can spend them on all kinds of crazy things including flying lessons, helicopter rides, digger racing and singing lessons.

3. Or in your comfort zone

Why IHG points are brilliant

I’ve already been relaxed and revived at Champneys and I’m looking forward to spending nights at Crowne Plaza or Intercontinentals hotels in Budapest, Bucharest and Sofia in the next few weeks. The hotels look absolutely incredible, and a world away from the hostels and budget hotels I’m used to. Having these points means you can make the accommodation a big part of the whole luxury holiday experience too.

4. A good chance to treat your friends

As much as I’d love to treat my friends to hotels and spa days in the real world, I can’t. With having the points though, I’m able to splash out after Sziget Festival on a fancy one in Budapest and one in London for my birthday. It’s good to share.

5. Or give to charity

The IHG Rewards Club supports Shelter in a Storm, a charity that’s given support to Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, Fiji and the United States since 2011. You can save your points and donate them all to this worthy cause. 

6. They’re an opportunity to get away

Why IHG points are brilliant

I sneaked off to the Holiday Inn off Oxford Street last week and no one had to know. I just needed some luxury after sleeping on friends’ sofas and it was the perfect retreat before going to the Blogstock Festival the next day. One of the great things with IHG reward points is that you can spend them on swanky hotels and no one has to know. It’s all kept between you and your account.

7. Buy all your Christmas presents

Christmas can be a tough time on the old bank account. You can redeem all sorts with your points on the IHG Rewards Club website, including wine coolers, fitness equipment, and kitchen and garden utensils. Your friends and family will think your ridiculously generous, but little do they know, they all came for free!

8. Or just relax and enjoy

No need to worry about the money you’re spending or how much the experience is costing you, it’s all free once you’ve collected enough. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy instead.

9. You could get a new wardrobe

why IHG points are great

And your bank balance never has to know. I went and dropped a hunner in vouchers in Topshop before I left for my trip – I got some black trousers, two skirts and a black top. I also spent a hunner at Evans Cycles on some Nike trainers, a pair of shorts and some running trousers. I’ve already put them to use having a run around Bratislava Castle in Slovakia, and looking out to the UFO Bridge. More of that to follow, I hope. Which brings me nicely on to…

10. They’re a chance to start a new hobby

I’m attempting to make running mine and with the new outfit mentioned above it’s one way to persuade me to get out there. You can also get Argos vouchers, so I have debated getting a fitness calculator, but you could spend the credit on the future hobby of your choice. You can also get vouchers for B&Q, M&S and House of Fraser too – what can you not buy from those three?

If you’ve ever fancied getting into a new hobby the IHG reward points can really help.

11. Or to finally go travelling!

One of the biggest reasons people say they don’t travel enough is because they don’t have the budget but you can use your IHG Rewards points to help with flights, car hire, hotels to help bring the cost down, so there’s no excuse!

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  1. by The Guy on August 14, 2014  12:15 pm Reply

    I've been a collector of loyalty card/reward points for years with various organisations including IHG. They are certainly of many benefits as you mention. When they don't expire it is even better for building up that stack of points for a big blow out.

    I typically redeem mine for free hotel stays, yet as you say there is a lot of versatility beyond this if you so choose.

  2. by Vicky on September 11, 2014  8:22 pm Reply

    I'd not really been involved in any scheme before but IHG definitely seems like a great one. I'm definitely enjoying how many places you can spend your points in!

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