This time next week I’ll be sat lording it up in the No 1 Lounge at Gatwick Airport, quaffing back the complimentary Prosecco in anticipation of a week in Antigua. AND, it’s Sailing Week while I’m there.

Too exciting.

Antigua for Sailing Week

You know Jayne from, right?

– Pic of us at Bridget Jones film, just in case >>

Well her and I are going on a wellness girly week on the island and staying at the super lush Pineapple Beach Club and St James Club while we’re there. They both look absolutely incredible with food and drink included, water sports and of course, sun loungers on those famous Antigua beaches.

Pineapple Beach Club

We’ll be landing at around 2pm – nice flight times there British Airways, thank you – and going straight to our first hotel Elite Island Resorts’ Pineapple Beach Club for rums by the pool. I assume that’s what we’ll do anyway.

Over the next three days we’ll be trying out the spa treatments, yoga classes and going on a nature hike too. Just about the right amount of activity time to leave us time to explore the 1600ft of beach there, and chilling in our super plush rooms.

St James Club

Next we’re moving on to the secluded 100-acre peninsula on the southeastern coast of Antigua, St James Club. I stayed at St James Club in St Lucia a few years ago and loved it, so I’m excited to try one on a new island.

Beaches, pools, sports activities and aaalll the restaurants are just waiting for me. We’ll be trying out the new FloatFit Class here, as well as having a tennis lesson and going on a catamaran tour. Fit and fabulous, that’s us!

More things to do in Antigua

I'm going to Antigua!

– Photo by Andrew Moore from Flickr

I’ve been looking at what else we can do in Antigua with our time there. Looks like food and relaxation is the way forward – I can do that. I’d also like to go to Stingray City and have a swim with the little guys. Scuba diving looks awesome in Antigua and there are a few wreck dives I’d like to check out.

Renting a scooter looks like a good way to get around. It’d definitely be a fun way to see some of the beaches; Dickenson Bay, Runaway Beach, Green Island, Rendezvous Bay and Half Moon Bay look like the most popular ones.

I’ve been told to check out the delights of the food at Road House, and at Catherine’s Café Plage too. C & C Wine Bar looks good, VJs Bakery is open until midnight – definitely going there – and then it might be a good idea to climb Mount Obama to exercise off a calorie or two, and for the views of course.

Sailing Week

I'm going to Antigua

Reggae Reggae Beach Parties, here we come! Damian Marley is headlining, so might go and check that out. There are loads of events going on – just need to see which ones we want to / can get into.

What I’ll be taking with me

And I’ve just made a little video on YouTube of the Primark haul I did in anticipation…

Have you been to Antigua? Any tips gratefully received!

And you can follow along at #AntiguaZen on all the social medias 🙂

‘I’m travelling to Antigua as a guest of Elite Resorts and Kuoni. My resort stay/s at St James’ Club and Grand Pineapple will be complementary. All comments and opinions are, as ever, my own.’

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