Thanks to my brilliant newish job (six weeks down) I’m in Vancouver, Canada, about to attend a conference at Sun Peaks Resort up in the mountains. Apparently it’s like the ‘second’ Whistler around these parts.

I’ve already trudged the (cold and rainy) streets of Vancouver looking for fun things to do here and explore the Capilano Bridge experience (below, and more of that later), and tonight I’ll be knocking back a few Caesars at the Four Seasons Hotel.

I'm in Vancouver!

The overwhelming first impressions of Vancouver – backed up by my time in Toronto last month – are that it’s an amazingly friendly city that’s spacious and has a ridiculous amount of tasty food. A tramp told us the best place to hang out, our bus driver told us all about his daughter and her fabulous job as an air hostess and the driver of our shuttle bus gave us a 15-minute history of Vancouver as he drove us up to the bridge.

Tomorrow we – TheTravelHack, LaurenKRayner, Taggio, LaraNicotra, GreggTilston and me – leave Vancouver for the four-hour drive up to Kamloops. We’ve got a santa car air freshener, two bottles of gin and some great travel tunes to get us there, and a map and GPS of course. You can follow the journey on Twitter #GeekSunPeaks

When we get there I’ll be trying skiing once again, relaxing in my chalet hot tub and exploring all the brilliant services Sun Peaks has to offer. Oh, and I might find time for a bit of work too…

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