Interesting Things to Do in Bahrain

Bahrain attracts thousands of tourists every year, all looking for the ultimate in relaxation. As a small country in the Persian Gulf, Bahrain is full of wonders where you can shop, explore and enjoy the culture and architecture. This island nation welcomes you to enjoy the beautiful weather from November to February.

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Interesting things to do in Bahrain

Before stepping into a new place, carefully chalking out a plan is always helpful. With proper planning, you can explore more of a destinations, and understand some of the reasoning behind the culture.

So, we wanted to give you an idea of how you can spend your time in Bahrain to get the most of what the city has to offer.

1. Magic Planet

This is a fantastic place to spend some quality time with your family, friends, or kids. The Magic Planet is known for its attractive games and thrilling rides. The most interesting part of the place is its 4D theatre that attracts a huge number of visitors on a regular basis. The adventurous games and rides can keep you engaged for a whole day, and the memories can be cherished for a lifetime.

2. Wahoo Waterpark

Wahoo Waterpark is one of the most attractive places to enjoy on the island if you’re going with your partner or friends. There are lots of activities you can do  playing with water!

The modern and stylish waterpark is designed around a sub-tropical paradise, which includes water games, pools, slides and rides, to keep you engaged. It’s ideal for people of all ages and most of the activities are indoors, which means that they can be enjoyed in any season. It’s located in the extended part of the city centre of Bahrain, so you could go out for dinner there, after having some fun in the sun.

3. Heritage sites to visit

The culture and history of Bahrain is fascinating, and it’s best learned through visiting the country’s heritage sites.

The mosques in Bahrain are especially renowned for their architectural marvel. The houses and the monuments of the island are also very uniquely shaped and designed by the artists. Al Fateh Mosque, Kurar House, and Abdullah Al Zayed House for Bahraini Press Heritage are some of the most known heritage sites. The fort and the museum of Bahrain have been standing on the island for decades. There are five exhibition halls in the museum where you will get a chance to wonder about the country’s historical facts.

4. The Azizia Bird Kingdom

Tourists to Bahrain need to visit the Azizia Bird Kingdom to understand the unique ecosystem which has become the home to 70 different species of birds. There are more than 500 birds here and you can enjoy the views of their vibrant feathers and listen to their sweet musical voice.

5. Shopping destinations

When you’re in a new place, shopping is a must. Apart from the malls on the island, you’ll also get street markets full of clothes. The main destination for the shopaholics is Bab Al-Bahrain Souk. The shopping centres offer you the true cultural signs of the Arabian Gulf.

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6. City Centre

Besides the ancient part of Bahrain, you can also experience its modern and developed sides by visiting the city centre, with around 340 branded stores. As well as the shops you can also enjoy the foods in some of the well-known restaurants located there. The city centre is busy every single day thanks to its magnetic deals and awesome decorations.

7. Enjoy Bahrain nightlife

After enjoying the daytime in the malls, adventure parks and museums, you can also spend your night in an exciting manner on the island. The nightlife of the Middle East Island can be enjoyed by visiting the bars and dancing pubs. But more than that, you can also enjoy the neighbourhood and delicious foods in the restaurants.

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