You know how I said I was going to spend summer in London as ‘nowhere beats it in the summer’, to quote myself? Yeah well, I won a first class, 30-days of continuous travel, Interrail pass at the TBEX travel blogger conference I went to in April, so staying put went right out the window.

Instead, I’m going Interrailing!

My Interrail route

The route I’ve chosen will take me from Spain to Denmark with France, Luxembourg, Germany and Sweden in between.

So excited.

Bilbao > San Sebastian > Barcelona > Cordes Sur Ciel > Lyon > Paris > Luxembourg > Berlin > Hamburg > Malmo > Gothenburg > Aarhus > Copenhagen

Interrailing summer

That includes a week in Spain at the start, a week in Denmark at the end, and a month travelling between the two in the middle.

Once I’m done in Denmark I’m flying back down to Barcelona to go to La Tomatina Festival in Bunol – the one where a huge delivery of tomatoes is dropped in the city and it’s a massive food fight until the whole place is covered in red.

It’s going to be amazing.

What I’ll be doing

I’m even more excited because I’ve got a few different friends joining me along the way, and my brother moved to Barcelona a month ago so I’ll be staying with him for a few days too. In Paris I’m going to the Moulin Rouge!

Of course, I’ll be going to a few music festivals…

I’ve been to about half of the cities before so I’ll be looking for cool and unique things to do in each destination, as well as some classic sightseeing in the cities I haven’t explored yet.

If you have any tips or recommendations for anywhere on my list, let me know!

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