13 Bad / Good Things That Happened in January (to Meeee)

God that seemed like a lawwwwnng and turbulent month to start 2019. Genuinely, I didn’t even leave the country until yesterday (more on that DEBACLE at the end) but it kinda felt like one thing after another.

Didn’t really enjoy the first two weeks of 2019 to be honest.

1. The asthma diagnosis

For the last few months of 2018 I was coughing, and wheezing and just generally not feeling right. I didn’t get round to seeing a doctor until the 3rd January though, after I was really bad on New Year’s Day. Basically, long story short, she reckons I’ve got asthma, and possibly had it for years.

Me in January

– I’m a right wheezy one at yoga these days. 

After some steroids and a second visit, and a few goes on an inhaler every day, it’s definitely better, but with the cold weather and hot interiors I’m now an inhaler user.

So that’s weird. And annoying. And I’m still wheezy, and cough a lot.

2. Splitting my thumb, on the joint

And then the day after that little diagnoses I went to do the washing up after breakfast and managed to smash a plate which then gashed my right thumb, right on the joint. It was pretty deep and so my midwife housemate drove me to A&E. Four stitches later and feeling like a right numpty, over the next two weeks realised how great thumbs are, and how much we use them, especially the right one.

January round up

– You do not want to see under there. 

It affected my writing, my typing, cycling, yoga, cooking, washing up, using a knife and fork, pulling up my trousers after the toilet… and just everything. I’d also bash it and then jump in pain on the recoil.

After a few days, and a cartoon thumb that looks like it’d been hit with an anvil, the doctor decided I had an infection. So, antibiotics.

It’s definitely almost better now but in the cold the scar goes a horrible purple colour, and it’s still sore on the bone to touch.

3. The bladdy tax assessment

So yeah, those two health dramas added to not preparing properly for my tax assessment. I’d planned on being prepared for this one and filing my self assessment months ago, but, life. I was really annoyed at myself by having not saved properly for it. 2018 was a very expensive year for me with holidays to Greece (twice), Africa and the Philippines, as well as furnishing an entire house.

Must be better with money this year.

Not being organised, scraping together every last penny, having to sell stuff on Facebook MarketPlace and clients not paying on time (apparently because Christmas!) meant it was a very stressful month financially for me.

All together the first three points made me feel pretty shit – I guess along with the January blues and the high of Christmas vs the New Year. I don’t really remember ever feeling like this in previous years – I know that’s a thing.

But, feeling stronger and more positive now. Or I was, until number 13. But let’s look at the good stuff first.

4. Fun new project on its way

I’ve got a really exciting project to launch next month. I wanted to do it on the 1st January but I totally took two weeks off for Christmas and then haven’t had the energy. But anyway, this is better. When I get back from India and Nepal I’ll tell you allllll about it.

Launching on 19th February it’s going to be a brilliant celebration of women who travel. Keep an eye out for updates when I get back, not even thinking about it now.

5. I wrote some blog posts

So I’ve spent this month working on that, and writing a few blog posts – just generally trying to get on top of things and streamline my life. Actually surprised at how many got done now I’ve seen them all together.

Travel blogger office

– I’ve spent a lot of time in my little office this month!

This month’s blog posts

48 Hours in Mahon in Winter

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Brit’s Guide to Coachella

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24 Hours in Amsterdam

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6. My mum wrote a blog post for me

Mum and dad are planning lots of travel this year – both in Europe and in the UK. To start their trip my mum wrote the post on their January weekend in Blackpool and Liverpool. They had a lovely time and have totally inspired me to go and see the Anthony Gormley statues on the beach.

Take a look at the post if you want a great value weekend away in the UK this year!

7. My brother launched his French bulldog line

Speaking of the family, my brother and sister in law have launched their new clothing company. They wanted to celebrate their doggy’s kind, and so if you’re into French Bulldogs take a look at ilikefrenchies.com.

You can get hoodies, bags, socks and phone cases, all with the French Bulldog’s face on.

8. TWO really fun London weekends

I had a really fun weekend in London this month, with Ben. It’s great going back to London as a tourist. I lived there for 7 years but with work and never having any money, I didn’t do that much touristy stuff. Well we went all out in Shoreditch for Ben’s birthday with junkyard golf, a chicken wing crawl, Shakespeare’s Globe, a VR experience and finally the amazing Mamma Mia.

I cried it was that good. Totally not like me. Really want to go back again.

Shoreditch things to do

And then the following weekend my friend Alanna and I went to the Adventure Travel Show. I’ve been wanting to go for years but didn’t realise that after paying the £11 to get in (I had free media passes #gifted), you also had to pay for the workshops and talks. Sadly we left about 45 minutes later, feeling very disappointed.

London weekend

I was expecting to spend the whole afternoon there so instead we found an old boozer pub with cheap drinks in Holborn and sat there for the afternoon. Then we went to an awesome comedy night featuring Aisling Bea, Sara Pascoe and the Guilty Feminist celebrating all things sustainable fashion. It was bladdy brilliant.

READ MORE: Unique Things to Do in Shoreditch

9. I got tickets to see Celine Dion!

“The whispers, in the morning…”

If you can name that tune we can be immediate friends. I’ve loved Celine Dion for years. It’s not even a guilty pleasure because I’m proud. Lucky for me my friends Mel and Fiona love her too. We’ve got tickets to see Celine in Hyde Park in July.


Hyde Park Celine Dion

Me and Mel almost booked a trip to Vegas, kinda on the premise of seeing Celine, so I’m happy she’s playing closer to home. Saving me a few hunner.

10. Trek America video

Went down to Trek America HQ this month to do a Facebook Live for them all about my trip to Canada in June. Here’s my star turn, along with Emily…

11. Sunday Lunch at The Huntsman in the New Forest

Ben and I went to the New Forest, to go to The Huntsman for Sunday lunch. We were kindly invited to come and check out the menu so you can expect a better write up in a New Forest related post very soon.

What I will say now is that the sticky toffee dessert was absolutely sensational. And the duck starter in fact.


I’ve been to the Huntsman before, and I’m positive I’ll be going again. At some point. One day.

It’s in one of the best parts of the New Forest (Brockenhurst), has amazing food, and I just lurve what they’ve done with the place.

12. Escape Room

Escape room

Finally did the Escape Room in Shirley, Southampton. If you haven’t done one of these yet I’d definitely recommend it. They’re a lot of fun and they definitely twist your mind a bit!

This one let you dress up, so that was fun.

13. I nearly didn’t get to go to India

And the unluckiest of them all, saved for number 13.

Turns out there’s no such thing as a ‘visa on arrival’ for India, despite the internet telling me differently. I arrived at Heathrow Airport on Monday, keen as a bean to get out there on my direct flight to Delhi, but no. I didn’t have a visa as I thought you could pick them up there.

I just had to turn around again and go home. I was gutted.

Here’s the story…

BUT, I’m here now!

Although, my flight from Mumbai to Delhi was redirected to some little airport and some officials stormed on, checked everyone’s bags and took a man off. This meant it landed 3 hours late.

And I’ve just looked up and my flight from Delhi to Varanasi has been delayed by 45 minutes.


Anyway, once I finally get to Varanasi I’ll be ready to have the best week of my life in India, and then onto Nepal. I’m even more determined than ever to enjoy myself!

January 2019

So yeah, I spent most of the month at home having a lovely time – checking out a few new Southsea restaurants, cooking, eating, yogaing – and so I was itching to get away by the time it came to getting my (first) flight to India.

Let’s hope the rest of the trip goes without a hitch. This has got really long so I’ll shut up now.


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  1. by Monica on January 31, 2019  11:36 am Reply

    I love that you wrote this about the bad and the good. I've said this so many times but looking at someone's social media makes it look like their life is absolutely perfect and it's nice to know that everyone is normal.
    Also - the Frenchie line by your brother! Love it, need to take a look.
    Also, really glad I'm not the only one who doesn't save for their tax return. I'm generally pretty organised with tracking finances so I know how much it's going to be but even with that, I don't save enough money to actually pay it. Must be more of an adult this year.

    • by VickyFlipFlop on February 20, 2019  11:29 am Reply

      I'm totally already falling behind with the payments to myself. And this month's will be going on a car. So, I guess, some people never learn. Think I need to start selling things to cover it. January was very up and down. Glad when it was over!

  2. by Steve Biggs on February 1, 2019  10:49 am Reply

    👍 Simply wanted to use the "thumbs up" icon lol. Hope it shows up :) Glad all's getting better Vicky. Yes, I read a quote once related to number 13 ... "Don't believe everything you read on the Internet" - Winston Churchill 1947.

    • by VickyFlipFlop on February 20, 2019  11:27 am Reply

      Ha! I like when Eleanor Roosevelt is quoted as saying EVERYTHING.

      Definitely can't trust the internet, unfortunately. But then, can you trust ANYTHING?

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