July in Review: An Absolute Shambles

July 2016 has been an absolute shambles for me. I’m not sure whether it was because the end of my two years was in sight and I got cocky and careless, or if I’ve actually just genuinely lost the skill of life.

Here’s why…

I lost my purse

Exploring Mykonos by Quad Bike

In Greece. The only way I can think it happened was when I fell over coming home from a night out in Ios. I was Snapchatting… seriously… I had (small) platform shoes on, not my usual footwear attire, and was going down steps that looked like this but with a smaller step and more randomly placed.

I faceplanted and then got up quickly, embarrassed in the 5amish dawn light. The next day I realised my purse had gone, and seeing as I’d paid for a gyros kebab about 10 minutes before this, it’s the only way I can think I lost it. I lost my bank card, my driver’s license, and between €1 to €50, who knows.

Could be worse, I thought to myself, could’ve been my phone.

I lost my phone

South Lapland walking around

Two weeks later. And I hadn’t even had a drink. We were out looking for the elusive Arctic Fox in the South Lapland wilderness. We’d been out for about 6 hours with no luck and were heading back to the car, with the hour-long hike.

At 11:46pm I Snapchatted (yes, I now hate that bloody app) about the daylight as it was still so bright. Then I put my phone in the kangaroo pocket of the jacket I’d borrowed to help with the cold. I can clearly remember doing it. Then at midnight I went to check the time and my phone was gone.

Panic. Absolute panic.

I tore off over the mountains, convinced I knew where I’d dropped it. I was crying, so damn angry at myself. I was glued to that phone. Every day I have the ‘oh my god I’ve lost my phone, oh here it is’ paranoia. But no, of course, this time… I couldn’t find it.

And then I lost the rest of the group instead. I saw a mushroom and thought to myself, that’s it, no phone, no way back to civilisation. I’ll be eating mountain mushrooms until someone finds me, just skin and bones.

About four minutes later I found them, of course, and they then stayed out for TWO hours with me to look for it.

The next day they all willingly gave up their three hours of free time (sacred!) on our press trip to look for it with me. We were convinced we’d find it. No luck. The area we were searching looked like the photo above, suddenly every rock looked as familiar as the next .

What I lost in a 6-month uninsured iPhone 6 (you can’t get insurance if you buy it from abroad on eBay) I made up for in finding out the kindness of my blogger friends who know how important a phone is.

Big shout out to Kerwin from , Scott from IntrepidEscape, Yulia from MissTourist, Nils from Stalo Adventures, the action adventure company we were with, and his dog Fingus. 

I left my £80 MacBook Air charger in my Lapland hotel

No phone. No MacBook.

Things kind of tumbled from then on.

I always check the plug sockets when I leave a hotel. Always, always. But this time, I didn’t. I was so concerned with getting the front desk to print my Ryanair boarding pass so I wouldn’t have to pay any more money at the airport.

I went to the wrong Stockholm airport

Abba Museum in Stockholm

My flight was at 6:30am, so I needed to be at the airport for 4:30am, so I needed to be on the Arlanda Express, to Arlanda Airport at 4am. But I didn’t have an alarm. The hotel didn’t do a wake up service, there was no phone in the room, no MacBook, no phone. Yes, I could’ve bought one but I wouldn’t trust it.

So I stayed awake.

I made it to the Arlanda Express, to Arlanda Airport. And just as I went to check which terminal it was as the train pulled in, I looked at my ticket and realised I was going from Stockholm SKAVSTA, not Stockholm Arlanda. Skavsta, which, at the very least, was two hours away by public transport or car.

FUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKK (yes, dad, it’s needed).

There was no way I’d make it for my Ryanair flight. Lucky for me there was a Norwegian Airlines flight leaving an hour later from Arlanda, at £110. And so I booked that, my THIRD flight from Stockholm to London (even longer story), and waited.

Looking on the bright side, the only side to look, at least I didn’t have to reduce my 19kg to 15kg for Ryanair, I didn’t have to deal with all that yellow and blue, and I was last to board the flight so they let me sit in the vacant exit seat row alone. I mean, some would say £110 was a cheap upgrade for that.

I slept.

My Airbnb host hates me

View from my Airbnb

This is getting long, I’ll be quick. Then my London AirBnB host had written his address in a confusing way and I’d noted it down with a PENCIL in a NOTEBOOK and had no way to contact him or check it. I arrived in Stockwell, where it was, found the apartment block and pounded on number 45 for 30 minutes.

No answer. Furious.

I had to go back to Central London (30 minutes ish, with bags) to find a Three phone shop. I bought a phone (went for the iPhone 6SE) but of course it wasn’t charged. So then I went to the Apple shop – oh apparently the one on Regent Street has closed, so I had to walk to Covent Garden – to use their computers. I contacted my Airbnb man, to find out where tf he was and then come back. Turns out he was number 61.

He was annoyed at me. Yes, it was clear on another page, but not the one I’d looked at. If I hadn’t lost my phone, I would’ve seen that.

Then some guy in the street decided to tell me I had fat legs, which got me in a rage.

I came back and said Airbnb host, who I’m staying with for a month, accused me of breaking the toilet. I’d had a wee, flushed the toilet, the end. I’ve done it before, I know how it works. He said I’d flushed it too hard. WTF?

I just looked at him, went to my room, and went to sleep.


(Two days later he told me it wasn’t actually my fault, see)

July travels

July travels on vickyflipflop

I’m trying not to let the fiascos of July override its brilliance. I’ve had two of my favourite trips of my life this month. I spent a week travelling round Mykonos, Santorini and Ios in Greece with Travel Talk Tours, and then I went on an incredible press trip to Sweden’s South Lapland.

Mykonos in Greece and Saxnas in Sweden are now two of my favourite places. I’ve already been thinking about when I can go back to both.

And of course, if you follow me on Snapchat (@VickyFlipFlop), you’ll have seen the fun that was TBEX in the middle. The Travel Bloggers Exchange conference happens three times a year and is a chance for bloggers to come together to learn and network. I always feel a bit disorientated and confused during and after TBEX, but in hindsight they’re so much fun and I keep going back for more.

Parties, blogger chat, fun at the ABBA Museum and tunes will be how I remember Stockholm TBEX 2016. Good times.

Two year milestone

Chilling in the Adirondacks

July 17th marks two years since I left my flat in Vauxhall in London and went off on my travels. Two years! Can you believe it?

I’ve been trying to make a video like I did for my first year of solo travel but I have so much more footage it’s taking me ages.

It’s coming.

Best experience of the month

Helicopter Saxnas

We hiked for two hours out of Hermavan in South Lapland, got to a clearing, and then a helicopter came to pick us up and take us to Saxnas, 30 minutes away. The views were absolutely incredible.


So beautiful on every side and for miles and miles – I’m totally in love with Sweden.

Oh, and The Guardian named me as one of their top 12 fashion bloggers. Love it.

Worst experience

Losing my phone, no doubt about it. All the videos and photos from said helicopter flight, gone. Luckily I had three other cameras on the go, so all was not lost, but still gutted.

This month’s posts

It’s all been a little bit niche on the blog this month. Just you wait till August – I’ll try not to bombard you :).

Next month – August already!

amazing london

– Me when I first moved to London in 2008, haha. 

I’m in London for the month, catching up with work and friends. I’m totally inspired by my blogger friends Emily and Jess, who are both feeling amazing after changing their diet and exercise. I’ve signed up to the gym in Brixton and have done 2 hours of classes a day since. Go me.

They both gave up booze too. Yeah, not doing that.

August will be a London weekend with my parents to see the Sunny Afternoon Musical, Wilderness Festival with one of my best mates from school, Paris on a solo adventure for 24 hours and then Paris again for the Rock en Seine Festival.

And as much London as I can fit in in the middle.

If you have any suggestions for me for London, or can share a story of a lost phone so I don’t feel so bad, let me know in the comments section below. 

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  1. by Emily Ray on July 29, 2016  9:32 am Reply

    YUUUUS for (yet another) awesome month of travel, but NOOOO to a month of losing your tech bits. We need to get you some sort of utility belt thing. Seriously can't wait to see your 2 years' travelling video - loved your first one. No pressure or anything. ;)

    (p.s. THANK YOU for sharing my post. And good luck with the health kick! xx)

    • by Vicky on August 1, 2016  12:51 pm Reply

      Yes, I need a Bob the Builder belt, that's an excellent idea :). Health kick is 50% going well, as in I do REALLY well for half the week and then it all goes a bit wrong. I need your will power!

  2. by Dannielle on July 29, 2016  12:33 pm Reply

    Ouch ouch ouch, you've had some tough breaks. Surely that's enough bad luck though and at least you've got some awesome experiences to counteract them a bit.

    • by Vicky on August 1, 2016  12:50 pm Reply

      Yeah I hope so. I'm hoping I was covered by my bank account with my phone – just trying to work it out now! Hopefully that's enough for the bad luck / carelessness. Been ok so far, since that first day back...

  3. by Paige C Totaro on July 29, 2016  1:36 pm Reply

    Oh my dear, that's a lot of mess. Glad the trips were a bright spot. I had to cancel my trip to TBEX at the very last minute so I'm super duper jealous of your Abbalicious fun times there. What's next?

    • by Vicky on August 1, 2016  12:49 pm Reply

      Ah that's a shame. The Abba Museum was awesome – you'll have to go some other time :)

      I have a month in London – although I say that and I already have a day trip to Paris booked, and a weekend at a festival – and then September I'll be in Croatia, and then who knows?!

  4. by Vicki Winters on July 29, 2016  2:56 pm Reply

    WTF. Life is a fucking roller coaster indeed. Enjoy the ride, but try to hold on to your purse. xoxoxox

    • by Vicky on August 1, 2016  12:47 pm Reply

      Ha, I need that as a sign in my house, when I get one :)

  5. by runawaybrit on August 1, 2016  7:12 pm Reply

    Oh no! What a nightmare month. I was reading the part about Ryanair/Arlanda and thinking 'NO....it's the wrong airport!!!'. It must have been stressful. I'd like to know how you managed to book 3 flights home in total - it might make me feel a bit better about having booked two flights from UK to Bratislava for August :-)

    Hope August is less eventful for you!

    • by Vicky on August 2, 2016  4:17 pm Reply

      I'm so stupid. I'd had TWO friends fly out from Skavsta and complain about it. I'd listened to them talk about how they had to get their Ryanair flight from there, and it obviously just didn't register.

      The last week back in England has gone by simply. No dramas. Think I was running low on common sense in Stockholm!

      I booked one, then decided to do a press trip so booked the other, then missed my flight so booked another. Unfortunately I'd only got travel insurance up until the second booking, which is why my phone wasn't insured (although it now might be with my bank).

      I hope so too!

  6. by Helen on August 13, 2016  9:59 am Reply

    Oh Vicky! I love you! :)

    Come see me up north!!!


    • by Vicky on August 23, 2016  10:48 am Reply

      I want to! Roll on October and I'll be there :)

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