Well That Was July: Monthly Update

I love reading blogger monthly reports, so I thought, why not do my own?

If there’s anything you’d like added in just let me know – I’m at your service. Two of my favourite reportees are Emily Ray at The Cosy Traveller and Lauren Juiliff at Never Ending Footsteps. Emily lives in London so I like to know what she’s been up to, and as I’m super nosey Lauren’s monthly financial breakdowns and ups and downs are just my sort of thing.

I want to start an update to remind myself of the days as they whizz by. Life has been going so fast lately. July on the blog has been pretty nostalgic for me. It’s marked a year since I left my job, left London and trotted off travelling. It’s also been the best month I’ve ever had in terms of reader numbers – so thank you!

I’ve had some incredible travel experiences this month, so let’s get stuck in…

My July travels…

July fun

  • 1-6: London (above, me thinking I’m hilarious in London’s heat = “Camel Toe”)
  • 6-12 Bilbao and Bilbao BBK festival
  • 12-15 San Sebastian
  • 15-19 Barcelona
  • 19-21 Cordes Sur Ciel
  • 21-23 Lyon
  • 23-26 Paris
  • 26-28 Luxembourg
  • 28-29 Frankfurt
  • 29-31 Berlin


vickyflipfloptravels blog

This month has been brilliant, one of my life favourites. I’ve had so many travel and blog highlights it’s difficult to choose, so I’ve gone for three…

  • Spending so much time with friends and family – in London, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Barcelona, Cordes and Paris. For this solo traveller it’s been a fun and welcome change.
  • By 23rd July I’d had 100,000 unique visitors on my blog in a month – so happy that people enjoy my work. It’d made it’s way up to 120,000+ by the end. Champagne all round.
  • Trending with the #AirFranceTravel chat I hosted. You know when you host a party and you get the jitters that no one will turn up? I felt like this, but then almost 200 people did.

Just one last one… the President of Estonia shared my 31 Reasons You’ll Love Tallinn post. Fame in Estonia is mine! Oh… and MUSE at Bilbao BBK Live was something else.


Loving life at BBK Festival

  • Losing my phone at BBK – and I still haven’t got a working one three weeks later.

Apart from a few skanky hostels and some non paying clients I can honestly say that’s the only bad thing though, which is pretty amazing!

Blog stuff

I put together a few of my favourite clips, with one of my favourite people (the Yonce) and made a video that I’ve probably watched 3000 of the 4000+ times it’s been seen. I’ve had an awesome year.

I wanted to help anyone who’s found themselves in a similar situation to me and as well as being featured on The Travelettes site with How to Travel After a Break Up (with some lovely comments, and emails), I’ve also written a 7-point plan on how to go about it here.

Blog posts

– Wow, I’m not entirely sure how I managed to fit all that in!


I’m pretty sure I’ll have spent a fortune this month. I’m paying €23 on average for a night in a hostel although that has been mixed up with free accommodation with my brother in Barcelona, with my mum and dad’s friends min Cordes and 5 complimentary nights at awesome Park Inn Hotels in Luxembourg and Berlin.

Park Inn Luxembourg

The cost of life in Spain surprised me – so cheap in Barcelona. I’m seriously thinking of spending some extended time there in the future. Then I went to France and all the prices were doubled, I’ve gone off the idea of learning French and living there that I’ve been talking about for a while. It’s cheap again in Berlin too, especially as my Park Inn hotel does an epic breakfast that I’ve filled up on to get me through the day!

Money this month has mostly gone on drinking with friends and family, trying to eat healthily, sightseeing in Barcelona and I had to buy a cardigan in Luxembourg as it was so cold after the 40C of France and Spain. It’s an excellent cardigan though :).

Just looked and I’ve actually spent around £750 on all my adventures this month, not including clothes (pretty happy with that actually). Next month I’ll keep better note and work out where it all goes!

Mostly listening to…

I’m literally OBESSED with Years & Years, and the new Muse album (Drones). I’ve had those two, Christine and the Queens and Mumford and Sons on repeat for the whole of July.

Plans for August

life after a break up

I’m off to Hamburg today with my Interrail pass and two days to check out the city (thanks for the suggestions in the comments Gwen) before going to A Summer’s Tale festival where I’ll be the official English blogger.

Then I have a surprise trip that I’m going to hold off on, but I’m super excited about. All will be revealed!

Then it’s a week in Denmark. I’ll be visiting Aarhus and Copenhagen and doing Europe’s only bridge walk in Middelfart (definitely not a funny name). I’m staying at some super fancy places and can’t wait to get stuck into that fishy diet. I’ve wanted to go to Denmark for ages and never quite made it, so very excited!

After that I’m off to La Tomatina Festival with Busabout. As a self confessed member of the Tomato Appreciation Society I’m looking forward to being surrounded by them in the name of fun.

I’ll end the month with my best mate back in England at her house in Emsworth – right at the bottom of the country – for Bank Holiday Weekend before all the fun of September starts!

Hope you all have a good month – let me know if you have any cool plans!

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  1. by Ola on August 3, 2015  1:14 pm Reply

    Enjoy Hamburg, it's my favourite city in Germany :)

    • by Vicky on August 3, 2015  6:51 pm Reply

      Thanks Ola! It's looking pretty special tonight – just been on a two hour walk as the sun is setting. Going to rent a bike out tomorrow and explore a bit more.

  2. by Kate on August 3, 2015  2:40 pm Reply

    Great monthly recap -- love that you've included the breakdown of locations/days, as well as sharing your finances. Can't wait for the next one!

    • by Vicky on August 3, 2015  6:50 pm Reply

      Thanks for reading Kate :) I'll try and be a bit more specific about the finances in the next one!

  3. by Emily Ray on August 3, 2015  8:23 pm Reply

    Dawww, thanks for the mention!! :* My month sounds as dull as anything next to yours though! And congrats on all those blog views - you definitely deserve each and every one x

    • by Vicky on August 6, 2015  9:53 am Reply

      Thanks Emily :)

  4. by Arianwen on August 4, 2015  6:05 pm Reply

    This is amazing Vicky. Those are incredible numbers, and I love that the President of Estonia shared your post! Keep it coming!

    • by Vicky on August 6, 2015  9:51 am Reply

      Thanks Ari – me too!

  5. by sheree on August 5, 2015  9:35 am Reply

    OMG I know that Camel - In Kentish Town near Pizza East! I've definitely mounted it before, the poor thing must get all sorts of abuse! What a great month you've had! Sheree X

    • by Vicky on August 6, 2015  9:49 am Reply

      Yes, that's the one! There are also photos of me mounting it. Poor guy!

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