Up early and off to Pisa for us. I did a quick whip round the shops and patisseries of Venice and got us some snacks for the journey and on we went. The journey was good–got to see some more of the Italian countryside. We arrived in a boiling hot Pisa and found our hostel, The Walking Hostel. It was in an old gothic building up huge steps in what used to be the ask.com headquarters. It was run by a Phillipino woman and her Italian husband. They said they used to own a hostel in Florence but it went bust.

We were shown to our room which was beautifully decorated in red and looked sumptuous and inviting compared to our last two hostels. Although, we were in a double bed in a room with a single and a double which was quite strange, well for everyone else anyway. The hostel had a great homely feel and the bathroom was well-decked out like a home. There was a snooker table, lounges, kitchen and all useable.

We set out to find Pisa and realised the town was beautiful. There were quaint little shops, bars and cafes lining the streets and it was easy to navigate. We found the tower but we were both unsure as to whether it was actually the tower, as it was a lot smaller than we both expected. The buildings around it seemed more impressive. We sat down on the grass to enjoy some rum and beer and watched people go by and had good conversation.

Out tummies started to rumble so we found a wonderful pizzeria where we sat out the front, quite drunk at this point, and had two of the tastiest and bets value pizzas ever. Me a Siciliana, of course, and some salad, garlic bread and wine. It was really brilliant and some musicians came and played to make it feel like the Italy from the movies.

We stumbled around the town a while and found a lively square where we bought some wine for two euro and watched everyone. A tramp scammed us for a necklace before we moved on to another posh bar which had some delicious sandwiches and snacks waiting for us on the bar. I couldn’t resist of course and we sat outside drinking Martini before deciding to call it a night and going to bed at what we thought was some grand old hour but turned out to be around 11:30pm. Go us.

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