I’ve had such a FUN two weeks since I left home for my little European adventure. I arrived into Bilbao late and pretty clueless. As has unfortunately become standard for me I’m travelling too much and trying to fit too much in so I’m not keeping up with the research for my trips.

I thought I’d’ve had time in London the weekend before but in between seeing friends and business meetings, I never quite made it.

Life is all about winging it, surely?


Bilbao two weeks in Spain

Anyway, I had a great two days looking round Bilbao. I went to the Alhóndiga Bilbao Centre to swim – it was so hot so it was great to sunbathe on the rooftop and then get in the pool. It’s without a doubt the most hipster swimming pool I’ve ever been to. It was once an old wine warehouse but now the whole building has been transformed into a hipster’s wet dream with co working spaces, dark corners and concept sculptures. You can even see the feet at the bottom of the pool on the ceiling of the floor below.

The Guggenheim (above) was as stunning outside as in, just as expected, I got my nails shellaced bright orange for less than €10 (and it’s still on) and I made my way through quite a few pintxos while wandering the Old Town.

Also stayed at one of my favourite hostels ever, the Akelarre Bilbao – definitely recommend.

Bilbao BBK Live Festival

Bilbao BBK Live Festival

Then it was time for Bilbao BBK Live Festival. I met Helen from HeleninWonderlust, who I found out over the next two weeks is even more awesome than initially thought. We had so much fun drinking, meeting people, dancing and singing our way through the festival – hardly surprising I had no voice left by the end and felt rough as hell. Obviously I’ll be writing about the festival more but highlights were definitely going VIP, the people we met, the Pringles stand (karaoke!), pretty much missing the Mumfords thanks to running round the festival like a crazy woman, Future Islands and MUSE. God they were incredible. I need to see them again.

My phone was pickpocketed, so my Instagram died here, but apart from that it was a brilliant, brilliant few days. Reminded me how much fun it is to travel with a friend.

San Sebastian

Vickyflipflop two weeks in spain

I met up with Helen and her friend Simone again in San Sebastian. All day I’d been counting down the hours till I could go to bed, I was so tired but wanted a proper sleep, and then as soon as I met them ‘just for one’ I was ready to go again.

San Sebastian is such a beautiful city. I’d actually been before a few years ago but it was even better than I remembered. I was pretty broken during my time here and had quite a lot of work to do, so I spent a few hours on all three days desperately trying to concentrate on my laptop and not stare at the wall on a festival comedown.

We’d been walking around asking ‘Donde est la fiesta’ (where is the party) every night and finally found it on the last, at 3am, in a bar called ‘Friends’. Spaniards go out so late! I crawled into bed at 6am, after a week of partying and similar bed times, and couldn’t really be surprised when I could barely move the next day.


Thankfully I had a day to recover in San Sebastian before going to Barcelona to see my bro who’s just moved there. Well jealous of his Spanish bohemian hideaway apartment. He’s in such a good location and Barcelona seems like an awesome city to live in – still debating joining him there one day.

Last two weeks in Spain

We hung around the Barrio Gothic by day and then went for an amazing Hidden Gaudi meal via EatWith by night. It turned out to be just round the corner from him and in a hipster warehouse with a huge kitchen / lounge, amazing decoration and the coolest hosts Xavi and Nico. More on this some time when I have a minute but I’d definitely recommend it. Each course was paired with a drink and had a story behind it relating to Gaudi. If you fancy it, here’s a link for $10 off (I get $10 too).

The next day I met up with Helen again for some sunbathing on the beach and then the local Hawaiian bar Maka Maka for lunch. Great smoothies, shame about the skanky chicken salad.

Barcelona in four days

That night the four of us – Helen, Simone, me, my bro – went on our own bar crawl to about 7 bars across the city from Sant Antoni to Las Ramblas. We went for €1 pinxos, had a Yoga Crow Off, to the Suitcase Bar and numerous others I’ll never remember in between. The party ended at 5, getting too old for this.

Barcelona with the whole familia

My last two weeks in Barcelona

Mum and Dad had driven through France to come and meet us in Barcelona so that night my brother took us to the El Born area – an awesome spot to get to try lots of different Spanish dishes. After Sangria and wine in the cute little square we were all exhausted and bed was calling.

The next day we took the City Sightseeing bus round Barcelona, which is a great way to see the city in a day. We also went inside the incredible Sagrada Familia and up the tower to see over Barcelona. Loved it in there. The day ended up at Montjuic Fountains where they pumped out the fountains to the sound of Freddie Mercury’s Barcelona, loved it!

Two weeks in Spain

The next day we hung out at my brother’s house for brunch. My parents were going back to their friends’ house in France so I jumped in for the road trip. Six hours later we were in Cordes sur Ciel – a medieval French village – and my two weeks in Espana were over.

Donde est la fiesta!

Two weeks in Spain

– Photo from Helen from HeleninWonderlust.co.uk

The last two weeks have definitely been a fortnight to remember. Spain is so underrated among the Brits, well for an extended trip that doesn’t involve the Costa Brava anyway. Not me though, I’ll be back at the end of August for La Tomatina Festival and Barcelona round 3 – can’t wait!

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