Looking Back on January 2018

First month of 2018 down. I saw the memes joking about how long it seemed, and I’ll agree. Not in a bad way, I’m just totally ready for February, and some warmth. Went to Landan yesterday, blaaady freezin.


Vickyflipflop January

My 2017 had ended on a high. Ben and I went out for lunch in Southsea, and then accidentally stayed out all day. Well until 11pm when it started getting busy with the party people. We kind of pub crawled around my home town, we played pool, cards, lego and mixed our drinks before ending up in a chicken place even better than Nandos, and cheaper. It was a great way to explore my town, and we got to watch the Portsmouth fireworks from the comfort of my lounge with a G+T.

Inside my house

– My unfinished bedroom

January 1st and it was back on the house renovations. Finally, my house feels done. At the start of the month I had the last walls and ceilings replastered and painted, and the room that will one day be my lounge (but is now a rented bedroom) looks beaut. I’m so proud of my house I love it. It’s modern, classy, cosy. I went through a few interpretations of what I wanted it to be, from everything from Scandi, to Industrial, to Coastal Villa. I don’t really know what it is now, but with the budget and my charity shop finds, the curated Pinterest look kind of went out the window.

It’s cosy though, and it’s home. Defo gonna show you some pics very soon. Maybe that will be a fun post to put together today (ever so slightly hungover).

And with the final room being completed, my two lodgers have moved in. Yes, I’m a landlord. Apparently ‘lodger’ is what they’re called when you live there too. Feels rude saying that though. You might’ve read on her blog or seen on my Insta Stories that fellow travel blogger Emily Luxton is one of them.

Florida beach time

Speaking of the Luxton, this month we went to Florida together. A lovely little trip to celebrate our union. We had a great time exploring Martin County in our Yaris car. I really enjoyed exploring all there is to do in Hobe Sound, so I put together this handy little guide for what to do there, and made a video.

Emily is a massive Harry Potter fan so we went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. Honestly, she was like a kid on Christmas Day – she was so excited. Even for me, one of those up-to-book-four readers couldn’t help but feel the adrenaline hit of excitement when I turned that corner into Diagon Alley. It was incredible – just like being in the books. We spent at least 70% of our day in there on all the rides and in the shops.

And then on the last day of the trip we went to Disney, so good. A childhood dream come true for me. Don’t get me started on Elsa and the Frozen crew.

This month I’ve loved having friends round to mine. In among others, my bezzie mates from London all came to stay, with their partners, so there was a party for 8 at mine. And then Jen from She Gets Around came to play too. She made us go in the freezing cold Southsea sea at 8am, just for thrills. I had every intention of doing it but when we got down there, and the cold wind started lashing at my face, I panicked and chickened out. It was SO cold.

Murals in Hobe Sound

An excellent month was topped off with a great party in London last night, courtesy of Madeira. As in the Portuguese archipelago. Drinks were flowing, saw lots of blogger buds I haven’t seen for months, and then got to travel back to Portsmouth with a boozey Emily. Sometimes I forget how many excellent friends I have thanks to travel blogging and last night was a great reminder. Also, took part in a little Madeira wine tasting and so now, having taken it a little too far as is my way, I’m feeling ROUGH.

Oh, and also, I did a photoshoot in the day to get some profesh looking pics for any time anyone asks me for one. Excited to see what an expert photographer manages to do to my face. And I really enjoyed getting naked in a London park, to get changed, in between shots, not for actual shots.

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In February…

It’s come round soooo quick. On Monday I’m off to the Philippines. As I tried to plan and book my accommodation yesterday I realised that February is peak time and there was only 4% of accommodation left on booking.com for some of the places I want to go. I’ll be there from the 5th to the 24th, so that’s basically my Feb.

I'm a guitarist

Follow me on @VickyFlipFlop on Insta Stories if you want to keep up with the adventures. I’m planning on scuba diving, snorkelling, partying in Boracay, visiting the Tarsier monkeys, zip lining and of course, getting out on the boats. I loved the Philippines when I went visited Cebu, Palawan and Malapascua Island last time, let’s see if Siargiao, Boracay and Bohol live up to the hype.

Hope y’all have a fun February too! 


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  1. by Ed on February 2, 2018  5:49 pm Reply

    Wow! Your January has been utterly amazing! I cannot wait to see your house in Portsmouth when I'm down there in future! I'll bring a housewarming gift too!

    • by VickyFlipFlop on February 4, 2018  5:34 pm Reply

      Thanks Ed! Yeah, it's been an awesome month. Definitely a good start to the year. Yeah, come and see me and Emily :). You're invited whenever!

  2. by kesari tours on May 11, 2018  11:53 am Reply

    Nice post, Thanks for sharing with us.

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