I’ve spent a lot of time in Europe. And not just short city breaks and beach weeks away. I travelled around with an ex boyfriend for four months, from Spain to France to Italy, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary and Poland. Once we split up I travelled to Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia and Estonia for 6 weeks solo.

Of course I’ve still made the most of how close Europe is with weekend trips to Lisbon, Copenhagen, Budapest, Oslo and Berlin. As well as relaxing weeks off in France, Portugal and most recently, Greece.

There are still so many more countries to explore though. I’ve now been to 34 of the 51 European countries and while I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a ‘country collector’, I definitely plan to visit them all in my lifetime.

Why I love Europe

Kayak have asked me to think about all the things I love about Europe. So many reasons. I mean, you can watch the video above to see me imagining myself as some sort of wanton Sylvia Plath or similar, going all out to try and describe why I love it so much. But basically, within just a few hours, or even an hour of travel in Europe, you can be in a totally different environment. The language, food, drink and traditions, so different and unique from one place to the next.

It really is a brilliant continent to explore.

Eating in Lisbon

I think in England some of us have it in mind we need to go far to get beaches and good weather. But, in Europe we have the beaches of Greece, the food of France, the history of Italy, and the scenery of Iceland. With low cost airlines it’s easy and cheap to get around and once you’re there, renting a car, or hiring a bike, makes it easy to explore.

I’ve got 17 more countries to see, but seeing as I’d like to visit half the ones I’ve already been to again, this could take some time…

My Love Letter to Europe

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Europe love letter

Dear Europe, 

You feel so close, and yet, channels of water separate us.

I often find myself dreaming of when I can see you again. Just to breathe you in and feel that familiar, ambience. 

Since we first met, many years ago, I’ve been fascinated, enthralled, by all that you are, have been, and will continue to be. 

I love you Europe. 

On in how many ways do I love you? 

Each country’s intricacies, your labyrinthine streets, from beaches to mountains, city centres to obscure villages. I love to explore. By bike, train, foot, and car, even, just to see you better, by helicopter and plane.

The islands. The jewels in Europe’s beautiful crown – Skiathos, Capri, Madeira, Corsica, Tenerife – too many to list.

And of course, the food and wine. Europe is a bon viveur’s delight. Bon viveur – a word so beautifully illustrative we didn’t need to burden ourselves to make up our own in England. Instead, we borrowed from our French friends, along with silhouette, a la carte, entrepreneur, and of course, bon appetit and bon voyage. 

Another reason I love Europe – to hear the beautiful languages.

If I were to stay in Italy, Belgium or Greece for more than a holiday I’d be twice the woman I am now, in size. The delights within are too great for one to contain my passionate greed. 

As the years pass and other relationships stale, ours has only strengthened.

My journey to you is so simple, yet, to explore you fully will take a lifetime. My lifetime. Dedicated to us.

There’s so much I don’t know about you – Liechtenstein, Georgia, Belarus, Azerbaijan – when shall we meet? It must be soon; my heart can’t take it any longer. 

To deny I had my favourite parts of you would be to lie, and I would never want to treat you with such disrespect. We can’t let anyone come between us Europe. Our freedom to unite may be under threat, but our freedom to love and respect can never be thwarted.

Ever together. Forever whatever. Bound, by love. 

Love VickyFlipFlop <3

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