How I’ll Make Money Travelling Next Time…

My last post was How I Made Money While Travelling, but since my last big trip I’ve learned a bit more about making some cash money on the road. Next time I go, hopefully summer 2013, these are the tips and tricks I’m going to take advantage of…

Working in hostels

Keep an eye on hostel notice boards. When I was in Los Angeles I remember seeing a sign to work in the hostel cooking the BBQ at night and cleaning the swimming pool – I was 18 and thought that was literally the coolest thing in the world. It didn’t quite work out for me though what with university and everything.

When I was travelling round Australia for 8 weeks there was always signs in the hostels wanting people to help with the day to day running. Make the most of them when you see them, at the very least you’ll get free rent.

Turn volunteering into paid work

If you volunteer for long enough sometimes you can become so valuable and knowledgable your host will want to keep you on as paid staff, or they might offer you some extra work for some real hard cash. This is definitely the case with my favourite travel site workaway.info. I’ve seen plenty of projects that offer employment after a week or two trial.

Working on volunteer projects can also be a good way to get attention in the local community – if word gets around that you’re a good, honest and hard worker, other people will be interested in you. Keep an eye on the seasons and work out the best time to visit places judging my their harvest. You’re sure to get roped into picking a few olives if you’re around in Italy at the right time.

Getting paid to travel

Selling my pictures

iStockphoto.com and Shutterstock.com both offer payment in return for selling your images to their clients. At iStock you can earn 15-45% of the download price, depending on how exclusive you want to be and Shutterstock offers 20-30% depending on how much money you make.

This is definitely something I’m going to look at in the future.

Travelling in Valencia


  1. Hi Vicky,

    I dropped by to read and link to some of your past experiences for one of my working abroad sites. For your future though, I don’t know if you are aware of a book called Work Your Way Around the World. If not I can’t recommend enough that you get hold of a copy.

  2. Hey Vicky,
    @payaway, I actually had that book in my hand today in a bookshop but didn’t but it as I kinda felt like it was out-dated.. I think you can find much more up to date info on the internet now via travel blogs and with websites like HelpX and such..

    All the best


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