It’s been a month and I haven’t left the country, crazeh!

This is the longest I’ve been without travelling for years, and as you might’ve seen in my blog post about my mental health as a travel blogger – it was a much needed break. The furthest I went in March was to London, to speak at a festival and for a few events. I’ve really enjoyed being able to concentrate on work rather than travel, although I’ve barely made a dent in my to do list. Always something that needs to be done!

I’m totally ready for my next adventure now though – more on that in a few words time.


Short Waves Film Festival

I spoke at the Short Waves Festival in Brixton about my experiences in making videos while travelling. It was a cool event with lots of students waiting to get into the industry. Another reminder that what I do is pretty cool and there are a lot of people who’d like to do what I do. I also realised I had a lot to say and that film is definitely something I want to focus on more.

Blogosphere Magazine Party

I went to the Blogosphere Magazine Cover Reveal party in Kensal Green, London. Really enjoyed it. I’ve been to other cover reveal parties but I think, like with so many things over the last two years, I was in too much of a rush to relax and soak up what is an awesome gathering of creativity. I nominated Hayley from as one of my favourite bloggers and to see her excitement at her name in print was lovely, and got me excited too. I’m the travel editor of a magazine! Well, not any more. My three-month reign is over. But it was fun.


It was a last minute decision, but I went up to London for BlogConLDN with my friend Alannah from I’d been to a blogger meet up in Portsmouth and hit it off with Alannah straight away – maybe because we were the only ones drinking wine?

I watched my friend Hayley from do a talk on making your blog a career, then listened to  Victoria from (love her writing) and then Debs from on photography and photo shoots. Sounds tough being a fashion blogger!

The event was cute, but I don’t think I was really the target audience. It was a fun day out with Alannah though, and I met up with Sabine from girlvsglobe and we went and drank wine and scoffed a cheese platter outside at Gordon’s Wine Bar. All good fun until a pigeon pooed on me, and on Sabine’s camera I was meant to be looking after. Ewww.

Lush launch in Portsmouth

I’ve tried to shop in Lush in the past but couldn’t get past the smell. Maybe it was because this was a refit but I barely noticed it when I spent two hours-ish in the new shop in Portsmouth last week at the launch party. And now there are loads of Lush things I want to buy. It was a really cute event with vegan canapes that were actually really tasty, Prosecco and an awesome gift bag.

I need to stay away from shops – one of the best things about not worrying how everything is going to fit in my backpack is being able to buy things, but I think this month I might’ve taken it a bit far.


Update in March

Just chilling. I really, really love Southsea. There have been more than a few moments over the past month where I’ve walked around my new home town and thought, yes, this is the place for me. I mean, I live just five minutes walk from the beach!

My new logo. Totally in love with my new logo. I was going to redesign my whole site and then I looked around at a few other blogs for inspiration and I thought, ‘nah, I like mine, it’s got personality’. So I just changed the colour scheme, put the logo in, et voila!

Planning April and May. I’m also involved in some pretty cool trips and projects coming up, so it’s been exciting planning them and coming up with ideas. I’m so glad I’ve had this time out so I can be excited about travel again.

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Settling into Southsea

– I like to work from here

I love it here, I really do. Southsea is a town but there’s so much to do within about 20 minutes walk, and I’ve barely done any of it! Love that I still have loads to explore. The South Downs are close, as is the New Forest, and the coast – I need to get me a bike!

Honestly though, there have been times this month when I’ve felt like some heathen come back from the jungle. I’ve led a very different life this last two years and it’s going to take some adjustment to settle back in after travelling long term. I really like my house mates, love my flat, lurrrrve where it is, and I’m so glad things have worked out like they have. Definitely did the right thing.

Having time for other interests

I’ve been to see Beauty and the Beast – lurrrved it. I’ve watched the whole of Thirteen on iPlayer – couldn’t sleep after. I’ve attempted to get back into reading – but Elizabeth is Missing (a story about old people and alzheimers – two things guaranteed to upset me) is not good bedtime reading. I lay awake for hours after my two attempts. I’ve been glued to Dinner Dates on TV. I’ve started to listen to the My Dad Wrote a Porno Podcast – hilarious. And I’ve been all about the gym.


Fitness was a big reason I wanted more of a base – to not eat three meals out a day and to go to the gym. It was all going so well for the first three weeks. Y’know, I was in there almost every day doing some sort of class and the routine I’d been set on my induction. But week three and I’d still only lost a pound and my spirit was crushed. It’s been such beautiful weather here I’ve preferred to walk along the promenade and listen to podcasts. I’ll get back into it, I’m sure. Maybe. Perhaps.

Do you like my new trainers? I do.

Next month

I’m off to Amsterdam!

It’s the first European Vid Con, which is a big conference for YouTubers. They’ve had them in the US for years now and it’s a pretty big event among the YouTube and video community. My friend Cailin O’Neil is speaking about Snapchat and invited me to go along as her +1. We’ve got 5 days there, and then I’m going to go cycling through the tulip fields, as it’s the season for flowers right now.

After that I’m going on a little road trip along the south coast. I’m going to the New Forest, Bournemouth, the Jurassic Coast and Devon to try out the new Vauxhall Mokka car.

Then there might be a super exciting trip in week 3 of April, but just waiting for confirmation :).

Then, for the final weekend, I’ll be at the Traverse conference in London. Looking forward to catching up with old blogger friends and making some new ones too.

But first

Helen and I are about to find out where our surprise trip is to… (sorry it’s sideways – don’t know how to change it!)

Goals for April

I want to start making more videos. Just lately I’ve started to enjoy watching travel videos full of personality, rather than reading posts. This makes me want to create more. Unfortunately I have the cheapest MacBook you can get which means there’s not enough memory for more than about four minutes, which means it takes forever to make a video as I have to make a bit, store it, and then make the rest, and keep repeating and stitch it together. It’s kind of ridiculous.

Anyway, I’ve managed to make a video a week so far. Follow me on YouTube – there’ll be more there soon!

And that’s a wrap for March. Loved it!

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