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Top 6 Reasons To Move To Canada

Canada is a fantastic place to live and has a lot to offer. Canada is a safe country with excellent career opportunities for expats, which can make moving to Canada rewarding and fulfilling. Canada is also a multicultural country that offers the best of both worlds: it’s multicultural, with people from different races and cultures living together peacefully, but it’s also diverse in its own way because each province has its unique identity. 

moving to canada

If you’re considering shifting to Canada permanently, you should start thinking about the Canada immigration visa. This visa is a Permanent Residency visa that allows you to live, travel, study, and work in Canada and avail of all benefits afforded to Canadian citizens. 

1. Canada is one of the safest and cleanest places to live

Canada is one of the safest and cleanest places to live in. Canada has been consistently ranked as one of the most peaceful countries, with low crime rates and homicide rates compared to other countries. The Global Peace Index for 2017 listed Canada as 8th on their list of most peaceful nations in the world and 3rd for the highest level of positive change over time (since 2008).

Canada also ranks highly amongst other measures such as health care provision or educational achievements – making it an ideal place for families looking at starting a new life together.

moving to canada

2. Canada offers excellent career opportunities

Canada is a tech hub. They are known for their work ethic, and the Canadian government is always looking for new ways to improve the country’s technology infrastructure. From medical research to artificial intelligence (AI), Canada has become a global innovation and business development leader. If you’re interested in working in this industry, moving to Canada will give you access to new opportunities, regardless of your background.

Canada is also known for its commitment to employee development. Unlike some countries where employees are expected simply do their jobs without asking questions or expressing concerns about their roles within the company, Canadians take pride in being active participants in their careers by sharing ideas with their managers and learning new skills that can help them grow professionally. 

3. The job market is booming in Canada

Canada has a large and diverse economy. The country is home to many successful businesses, and Canada ranks in the top five countries for the highest number of billionaires. The Canadian dollar is often referred to as “the loonie” because it has a picture of a common loon bird on its currency.

Canada is also considered one of the world’s largest producers of gold, oil, natural gas, diamonds and nickel. This makes it a global leader in technology, natural resources and agriculture.

Canada offers much more job opportunities than other countries because its workforce is highly educated; 19% have university degrees compared with the 12% worldwide average, while only 8% have no education at all compared with the 26% worldwide average.

4. Multiculturalism rules

There are many reasons to move to Canada, but one of the most compelling is its multicultural society. This means people from all over the world with vastly different cultural backgrounds have settled in Canada, and they’re still welcome there.

Many Canadians are proud of their country’s multiculturalism because it allows them to be open-minded about other people’s cultures and traditions. They believe this makes them more tolerant of others’ differences than citizens of countries where only one culture is dominant (like in America).

5. Free health care for all Canadian citizens & permanent residents

All Canadian citizens and permanent residents are entitled to free health care. In fact, it’s a human right for all people living in Canada. This means that no matter your financial situation or medical history, you can get the treatment you need without having to worry about paying the bill. However, there is one exception: some provinces charge a nominal fee for emergency room visits—usually around $50–$100 CAD ($40–$80 USD). 

6. Diversity is visible everywhere

One of the things that makes Canada so special and unique is its diversity. Canada is home to many different ethnicities, races, cultures, languages and traditions.

You will find a vast range of people from all over the world living here in harmony with one another. Canadians have a deep respect for other cultures and are very welcoming towards immigrants with different backgrounds than their own (even if they don’t speak English). The government supports multiculturalism by providing schools where children can learn about different cultures, languages and religions to better understand others around them without prejudice.