Thanks to the Norway Top 20 Chart, YouTube and Wikipedia I’ve been having a joyful week listening to the music of Norway. From around 100 songs, I’ve decided the following #TuesTop10 are my favourite, or at least the most interesting.

Electronica music is riding high in Norway at the moment, but traditionally the country has been well known for its black metal artists. I had a quick listen, but I’ve firmly decided I don’t like black metal so unfortunately/fortunately there’s none of that in this Music in Norway playlist.

Little fact for you: The most famous artists to come from Norway include Kurt Nilsen, Royksopp and Ah-Ha – who’da thought it?!

  1. Kakkmaddafakka – Restless
  2. Vinni – Halve Meg
  3. Sirkus Eliassen – Hjem Til Dae
  4. A Ha – Take on Me
  5. Ole Ivars – Medisinskapet
  6. Alog – Every Word Was Once an Animal
  7. Bjorn Torske – Expresso
  8. Postgirobygget – Idyll
  9. Ralph Myerz and The Jack Herren Band – The Teacher
  10. Maria Solheim – Ocean Needs Water
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