Rough Guide to My 2016 Travels

Well that’s Christmas done – hope yours was as good as mine? It’s definitely my favourite time of year, thanks to my excellent friends and family, and the non stop eating and drinking.

I keep having this idea that maybe I’ll stay in England for a few months, hang out, buy a house somewhere cheap and put my feet up for a while. Then I snap back to reality and wonder why the hell I’d want to do that when I could go anywhere.

Maybe next year.



I’m bringing the year in at Hogmanay up in Edinburgh, with quite a few of my travel blogger buddies. It’s going to be brilliant, I’m pumped. Well excited. Can’t wait. All of the above. And then I’m going to the stunningly, incredibly beautiful Isle of Skye to see if I can take a photo that does it justice.

From there I’ll fly off to Tignes in France for a skiing trip with a few journalists – let’s see if they can keep up with my mad skills. I don’t actually have any, I just like the sound of my fighting talk.

Then I’m chug chugging across on the train to Champuluc in Italy, for more skiing adventures, via Turin. It kind of just made sense to go there first, and kind of gave me another city to investigate for my where to go in Italy for a weekend guide.

And then I’ll finish the month off back in Florida, in the Florida Keys and Key West. Woohoo! Looking forward to hanging out with Monica from The Travel Hack for a week and exploring everything the Keys have to offer together. Rum, snorkelling, Key Lime Pie and sunshine, love it.

Busy January, ya?


Exploring 2016

I’m planning on going to Thailand for the month in February. I just want to chill, lie on the beach, do some scuba diving and hang out at some of the co working spaces there. I’m going to Koh Lanta and Koh Samui for three weeks, and then Bangkok for a week for the second DNX conference to catch up with my digital nomad friends. It’s not booked yet, but pretty much defo.



Woohoo, back in the USA again. This time for three months! I’m going to SXSW festival in Austin and then going on to Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. A whole month in Texas – yeehaa!



So my plans are loose, but they look something like a few weeks in New Orleans and then up to Nashville and Memphis for a music tour. VERY excited. Although, this now might include a Deep South road trip with one of my favourite bloggers, see what happens.


My 2016

And then to use the three-month visa that Brits are allowed up, I’ll go somewhere else in the USA – Portland? Seattle? Charleston? Alaska? Colorado? Georgia? Hawaii? Vegas? Chicago? Who knows?



I’ll probably be in Europe somewhere. I have this random idea at the moment that I want to live in Cardiff for the summer, but I also want to travel the Balkans, Scandinavia, to cycle from Berlin to Copenhagen and to go to loads of festivals, so we’ll see. I’m going to Barcelona for at least a week, and I quite fancy Croatia too. Oh, and Stockholm for the European TBEX (travel blogger conference), probably.


Patagonia 2016

Top of my adventure list at the moment is either a 3-month trip to Patagonia or some time in Vietnam, Cambodia and Hong Kong. There’s a long time between now and then though – anything could happen…

Thanks to jenniranee, [email protected], atmtx for the pics. I’ll get my own soon! 

What’s the craic? Any cool plans for next year?

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  1. by Leonie on December 27, 2015  5:24 pm Reply

    Looks like you have an amazing year head. Look forward to reading all about it.
    Leonie ♥ Lo On The Go

  2. by Sarah Attaway on December 28, 2015  1:41 pm Reply

    I went to college in Charleston, stayed for an extra year and left about 6 months ago. DEFINITELY make it there! It's one of the most amazing cities in the world. The BEST food, history, shopping, nightlife, arts, beaches, outdoor activities, etc. It's seriously got something for anyone regardless of what interests you!

    I now live in Hanoi, Vietnam. Vietnam is such a diverse country and there's always more to see! If you end up in Vietnam, I'd love to get together...I know this is forever away so I will follow along with your 2016 travels. Can't wait to see where you're 2016 takes you!

    For information on both Charleston and Hanoi, I'd love to help!


  3. by Amanda | Chasing My Sunshine on December 28, 2015  2:49 pm Reply

    What an exciting year to get ready for! I'll be out in the Grand Canyon/Vegas in May, so looks like our footsteps MAY cross. :) I just visited Austin and SO SO loved it. You are going to have an amazing time (although all of your trips look great, to be honest). Your stomach will have an amazing time too...yum!!

  4. by Linzi Clark on December 29, 2015  3:23 pm Reply

    Some very exciting plans for 2016 - I envy your freedom, settling down in the UK can wait!

    • by Vicky on December 31, 2015  12:36 am Reply

      Thanks Linzi, I agree!

  5. by Erin on December 29, 2015  8:46 pm Reply

    Ummm, if you're interested in a Patagonia trip in the fall, I am planning on with the other volunteers I met in India. If you're looking for people to go with and whatnot. ;)

    • by Vicky on December 31, 2015  12:33 am Reply

      Errrrmmmmm YES! When are you going? Let's email talk, in 2016 :) xxx

  6. by Cest La Vibe on January 6, 2016  4:16 am Reply

    Sounds like a fun year. I'm limiting my travel to the second half of 2016. Thinking about Miami, New Orleans,and a few Caribbean Islands.

  7. by Kate on January 6, 2016  10:38 am Reply

    What an amazing year you have planned! I can't wait to follow all your adventures (and hopefully meet up with you at TBEX Europe!)

    • by Vicky on January 10, 2016  11:43 am Reply

      Thanks Kate! Yes, hopefully see you there for fun and blog chat :)

  8. by alexiajack on January 8, 2016  10:05 am Reply

    thanks for information.....goood search...

  9. by Daniela on September 26, 2017  4:01 pm Reply

    Hi Vicky, do you mind sharing where you stayed when you visited Koh Lanta? I am heading there over NY after 10 years (!), so now looking for ideas.. Thank you! Daniela

    • by Vicky on September 28, 2017  7:16 am Reply

      Hi Daniela, I'm afraid I've never been to Koh Lanta, sorry! Would love to help!

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