My 2018 So Far…

I love reading other bloggers’ ‘progress reports’ – the places they’ve been, the things they’ve seen and the goals they’ve smashed (or just sacked off, never to be mentioned again).

Seeing as we’re halfway through April – almost a third of the way through the year, I thought I’d join them. After the sad demise of my laptop, and it’s admittance into Laptop rehab thanks to overuse – I spent a lot of my journey to Finland reading all these blogger progress reports on my phone and decided to have a little look at my year so far myself.

I’m quite keen on all this self improvement stuff, and the only way to improve anything is to measure, mark and set goals. And I find, tell people about them, or I just conveniently forget.


Well my main goal for the year was to just be kinder to myself. I had these big plans of self care and lot of self love, but to be honest, I feel like I haven’t even had time to think about it. BUT, I do think I’ve been doing it subconsciously. Whether it’s a getting older thing, spending time thinking about other things thing, or just the generally woman positive vibe in my world right now, I’m definitely happier, more accepting of myself and abilities and more open minded than I have been. So I’m gonna give myself a tick. I’m great, in my own way.

Other goals I set myself for the year include being prouder of my work, and actually creating work to be proud of. So often, with a hectic schedule and endless work, it’s easy to just keep going, without taking the time out to think creatively.

I was pretty proud of my Siargao video, and think it’s one of the best I’ve done, but I still have some way to grow on this one. I keep promising myself that making videos will be a focus for me, but never finding the time.

It’s kind of a vanity thing, but also a financial one – I really want to have 1000 subscribers on YouTube (they now don’t pay out on advertising until you have 1000). So if you haven’t subscribed yet, please do!

>> Subscribe to my YouTube here <<

I’m going to be making more videos about my adventures in England very soon.

Most proud of…

My house is wonderful. So great in fact I’ve developed a kinda separation anxiety when I’m away from it. My bedroom is just so peaceful and lovely, my sofa so comfy, my shower so good and hot, my heating so efficient and watching Netflix is the best, and I can rely on my internet… Basically, I miss it. This is both a good and a bad thing. 

I’ve had quite a few visitors since it’s been done. I managed to fit in 6 of my best London friends, and me, and Ben, for the weekend – that was fun. Just before I went to Finland two of my favourite school friends came to visit and we were up till way too late singing, eating, laughing, instead of feeling the need to go out.

It definitely feels like home. There are a few more things I want to buy and when I get back from my next month of travelling I’m going to update a few rooms now some of the money has been replenished.

Ben is great: things are going well, thanks for asking. We had an excellent Easter weekend in Scotland exploring Edinburgh and Dumfries, and we’ve planned lots of fun festivals and holidays over the summer. Really need to get a car ASAP though to make it easier to see each other #junegoals.

Definitely come a long way since the 6 Most Disturbing ‘Hellos’ I’ve Had on Internet Dating (This Month) (he wasn’t one of them btw!).

Travel so far… 








Still Scotland

Up next

England: London, Southampton, Lincoln, Derbyshire

I’ve got the next two weekends in England (yay) – seeing friends in London, then hanging out with Ben in Southampton. We’re going to see Bill Bailey’s Larks in Transit tour live, and just generally have fun in the city. I’ve never been to see a super famous comedian before. Excited.

“Larks in Transit is a compendium of travellers’ tales and the general shenanigans of twenty years as a travelling comedian. With musical virtuosity, surreal tangents and trademark intelligence, Bill Bailey tackles politics, philosophy and the pursuit of happiness.” 

Then, Monday, I’m off to Lincoln for a mother / daughter trip to explore a part of England I’ve never seen. We’re going for two nights, staying in some beautiful accommodation and exploring as much of the area as possible. Then back to mum and dad’s for a few days to see their newly decorated house.

Travel to come…

In the next two months I’m going to, drum roll…



Germany to Norway is all on a cruise, with Princess Cruises. I’m going with a really great group of blogger friends, including my housemate Emily, one of my favourite blogger friends to travel with Jayne (remember Greece and Antigua last year?), Amelia, who I went skiing with a few years ago, and Jess, who’s written a whole post about the trip on her blog It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Then I’m off to Crete in Greece with my boyfriend and all his friends for a villa holiday for a few days. Very excited for that one. We have one night in Malia before heading off to luxury. Past 18-year-old-me would’ve loved it, and 33-year-old me is still excited.

And then, I have a super exciting trip to Canada, which I’ll tell you about nearer the time.

In among this I’m also going on a WoWTrip, one of those surprise trips where you don’t know where you’re going. Unfortunately, because of Canada, I miss one of my absolute favourite people’s hen parties. I know, not cool. I still feel bad. But, I’m taking her on the trip to somewhere exciting in Europe as a way to say sorry, and to have our own mini hen party, willy straws and all.


Well this hasn’t gone at all well so far this year. I’d promised myself I’d get fitter and healthier for the summer, and mainly for my brother’s wedding in September but so far, in among all the tapas, beach beers and fun times, of recent months there’s been absolutely no progress.

I’ve signed up to a new gym right near me that does 30-minute classes. That way I can trick myself into ‘just going for 30 minutes’ and then either staying for the class after or using the equipment for a while. Just before I went to Scotland I had a personal training session and it very nearly killed me. I think that could be the way to go though – he definitely made me do a lot more than I would normally.

Once I’ve been 10 times, to make sure I’m committed, I might book in for some sessions.


So far this year life is going pretty well TOUCH WOOD. Minor setback with my phone smashing, laptop dying, £900 of bank fraud, cancelled trip to Barbados (the day before, after I’d flown home from Valencia early), leaking ceiling and broken washing machine, all in three days of each other, but, you win some you lose some.

Just think of all the life lessons I managed to binge on with that little lot. I now know how to plumb in a washing machine. Skills. 


And, blogging

I feel like I’ve had more time than before to work on my blog, which has been great. You might not have noticed it though. There are so many twiddly things you have to do in the back end to keep your blog functioning, as well as on the creative side. It’s nice to have finally ticked some things of my to do list.

Two weeks ago I was home alone for four delightful days and nights and got loads done. Of course I love living with Emily, and our other housemate, but it was just nice to be on my house alone as I hadn’t been since it was all finished. I worked with no distractions.

I’ve written my best tips for Coachella, packing tips for the Isle of Wight Festival, and a skiing holiday.

Here are 27 tips for travelling alone, 28 types of holiday you’ll take in a lifetime (that one’s fun), the top tourist spots in Bohol, what to do in Siargao and why I think everyone should have a gap year after high school.

I also wanted to tell you why I think living in London sets you up for a happy life, and, what to do in Barcelona in 3 days and my top travel tips for Vietnam.

Thanks for reading this far, and supporting me.
I hope your 2018 has been rewarding and fulfilling so far.
I’d love to know what the best thing that’s happened so far is.

Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. by Emily Luxton on April 17, 2018  4:43 pm Reply

    Soooo offended that the 4 days I wasn't at home has made your highlights list!!! Haha!

    Love this post. Almost inspires me to put together my own one. Almost. Probably still too lazy though! You have so many great trips coming up - can't wait for the CRUISE :) :)

    • by VickyFlipFlop on April 18, 2018  8:51 am Reply

      Oops was hoping you wouldn't read that. You know what I mean. Us introverts need time to regroup and recuperate from the pressures of being around people. You know I like living with you 🤣.

  2. by Jayne on April 18, 2018  4:17 am Reply

    Totally loved this update too. Time goes too fast so it's nice to look back and reflect and I think the more nosier readers like me def enjoy the insight. Look forward to catching up IRL on that cruise!

    • by VickyFlipFlop on April 18, 2018  8:52 am Reply

      Scares me that we're a third of the way through the year. So much to do! So much to see!

      Yeah, the cruise is going to be FUN! See you at Gatwick for a Champagne breakfast :)

  3. by Jess of Travel Visa Canada on April 18, 2018  4:38 am Reply

    Yay, I am happy you added Canada in your list of country to visit this year Vicky! Good luck on your trip and hopefully you can get more subscribers to your YT channel.

    • by VickyFlipFlop on April 18, 2018  8:53 am Reply

      Thanks Jess! Think making more videos would help. Need to magically create more time somehow!

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