There’s been quite a few entries into the #7SuperShots game at HostelBookers now. Sadly no one’s tagged me to give my two cents worth, but I thought seeing as I work there, I can be an exception to the rule. So here goes a few beauts I managed to capture with my Canon DSLR…

A photo that takes my breath away

Skiing in Slovenia

When I was at the top of that humungous mountain in Slovenia, trust me, there was no breath to take away. I was absolutely terrified. My legs were shaking, my ears were ringing and my mouth was dry: I managed to ski down it and go back round and do it twenty times more too. On run three I was even enjoying it. It takes my breath away to think that I had the courage/stupidity to ski down that within three hours of first strapping a pair of skis to my feet.

A photo that makes me laugh or smile

HostelBookers #7SuperShots

I love, love, love this picture.  We got a skanky flat in Novi Sad and here we are just creaming up ready to go out into the hot hot heat before EXIT Festival. We had such a brilliant time and just laughed the whole time with our four friends who came out to see us at EXIT during our Big Trip around Europe. I have so many happy memories from this week.

A photo that makes me dream

A photo that makes me dream

This photo was taken in Venice, Italy. Me and my boyfriend stayed there for 8 days and saw this couple a few times around the island. I fell in love with them, and what I imagined their lives to be. I imagine they travel around playing their instruments and living a relaxed and carefree life wherever they decide to lay their pillows next. When they played you could see them give each other loving looks and you could sense how happy and content they were. Beautiful people living a beautiful life.

A photo that makes me think

jemaa El Fna Square in Marrakech

This is the Argana Restaurant in Marrakech. It was bombed on 28 April 2010 and 15 people died. We arrived in Marrakech a few days later to a tense and sad atmosphere. The two guys in the front of the shot is such a contrast to the sad building. I didn’t photograph them on purpose, but I really like the juxtaposition.

A photo that makes my mouth water


I love sweets. I lived next door to a sweet shop for 10 years and visited at least once a week to sample the sugary delights. To chew down on the fruity offerings and feel the delicious chocolate melt in my mouth. Nowadays I get in a bit of a cold sweat when I have to pass the pik n mix at the cinema – why do they have to be bad for you? And there’s no way I can go in Topshop on Oxford Street without having a few to accompany my viewing. Anyway, when I saw these laid out at La Boquiera Market in Barcelona I knew I just had to try them. And try them I did…

A photo that tells a story

Auschwitz near Krakow in Poland

I went to Auschwitz when I was in Krakow in 2010. It was horrendous. I saw where the people were herded up into sheds with no sanitation or comfort whatsoever. We were brought to the spot where they were told they were going for ‘a shower’ and then shown the system that collected them up once they were gassed, burnt then and the ashes would flow into the nearby rivers. It was spooky how lush and green the area was – fertilised by all the dead bodies. I’ve always had a morbid fascination by World War II and so the whole experience was fascinating. It felt weird to take too many pictures of such a horrendous place, so this is all I have, and it’s enough.

A photo that I’m most proud of

Photo I'm most proud of in Marrakech

I really love this picture of my boyfriend Waiel. It looks like it was taken in a studio, but I took it in the souks in Marrakesh. We were looking at the bike and of course, the souk sellers came out and tried to sell it to us. I don’t even know who’s it was, I don’t think they did. “500 dirhams,” “300 dirhams”. Ha, I would have LOVED it, but not sure how we would’ve got it home. Just look how cool it is!

And that’s it…

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