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I love looking through my travel photos, especially when I’m wondering why I’m so skint and friends are buying houses and affording weddings. They remind me where all my money’s gone and that I haven’t just frittered it away – I’ve spent it on creating amazing memories and experiencing life in more ways than most.

Before me and my boyfriend went on our big trip around Europe we bought a Canon DSLR and got some incredible photos from it, but you don’t have to have an expensive camera to shoot incredible memories… some of these are just from a simple point and shoot. These are my top 5 photos from my travels, some taken by me, some by the boyf and others by friends.

1. Me and roo, Australia

Steve Irwin's zoo

Hanging out at Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo near Brisbane. Everyone else was just taking photos of the kangaroos by themselves, but they seemed so docile I decided to get down and lie next to it for a better shot. My mum loves this pic :).

2. Friends at EXIT, Novi Sad

Group of friends Belgrade

The silent disco at EXIT festival in Novi Sad. Me and Waiel were on our big trip around Europe and two of my friends came out and two of Waiel’s – we ended up all best friends and having the best few days ever. EXIT festival was amazing and so was our group and this photo reminds me of an incredible few days.

3. Up the Spanish Steps, Rome

Waiel in Rome

We watched the sun going down in Rome from the top of the Spanish Steps. I love the colours here, and the miniature Rome in the background – Waiel looks pretty darn cool too!

4. Working at summer camp in the USA

US summer camp

I lived in this shit tip of a bedroom for 12 weeks. Every morning I would nag them to clean up and tidy, but the 14, 13-year-old girls took no notice whatsoever. It was the best summer of my life.

5. My first scuba dive, Mexico

Scuba dive mexico with a starfish

My first scuba dive in Cancun, Mexico! It was an incredible experience that made me want to cry. As a lifelong lover of The Little Mermaid film to meet all the characters under the sea was overwhelming. Me and my friend paid for a private dive and then she chickened out at the last minute so I had the guide all to myself. He showed me some amazing stuff down there.

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  1. by Ian Ord on November 22, 2012  11:31 am Reply

    Awesome memories Vicky! I especially like how the kangaroo is copying your pose ;)

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