17 Steps to My Perfect Journey

I spend a lot of time travelling. Whether its around the UK, or around the world, generally every week I’ll be on some sort of journey somewhere. Lucky ducky. So when it comes to travelling, I know how I like the whole process to go.

To celebrate the launch of travel brand Lintenair, they’ve asked me to share what the perfect travel experience would look like for me.

So here, in 17 points, are what I like to have on every journey to keep me satisfied, from the research stage to arriving at my destination.

1. Easy mobile search…

…. with a range of options to try out, and results clearly set out for me to compare.

2. Simple and quick booking

… that accepts a range of cards so I can earn points on my American Express et al.

3. No baggage weight restrictions…

… so I can pack exactly what I like, and loads of it.

4. Direct from my home town…

… getting to the airports in England can be hectic, dramatic and expensive, so having city centre terminals is great.

5. Queue-free boarding…

… if there’s one thing that could put me off travel, it’s definitely the queues.

6. Take my own food and drink…

… I like to drink coffee when I travel, ok? Take it off me when I try to board and I won’t be happy. And they don’t make snacks anywhere like they do at M&S.

7. With an alcoholic drink, if I’m with friends…

… the best way to travel anywhere is with a bottle of Prosecco, a few glasses and your mates.

8. To find my seat easily…

…. If I had my first choice, and I’m by myself I like a window seat. With friends I want us to be able to sit together.

9. Wi-Fi…

… sometimes I like to write without the distraction, sometimes I want the internet, I just like the option to be there.

10. 3G at all times…

… and of course, I like to always be connected with 3G for those essential social media updates.

11. Smooth journey….

… and by that I mean the actual act of the journey, the arrival times etc and turbulence. Anything to make the journey as easy and pleasant as possible.

12. I can do what I want…

… as in, I don’t get told to take my earphones out, or put my laptop away when I’m in the middle of something. Yep, yep, I understand why they do it, I just don’t want to.

13. To arrive quicker than I thought…

… maybe not in actual time, that could be weird. But perceived time due to the fact that I’m there before I know it because I’ve been enjoying the journey / scenery so much.

14. Arriving within easy reach of where I want to be…

… the less effort to get to my destination, the better. Obviously. None of this faffing with mono rails, airport buses and the fiasco of trying to find a taxi (especially in a foreign language).

15. Not having to queue when I arrive at my destination….

… that queue in passport control to get through the e-gates. Eugh.

16. Or to pick up my bag…

… and that one. I like to keep my possessions in eyesight at all times.

17. Arriving in my destination rested and ready to go…

… the more complicated the mode of travel, the more exhausting it can be. I like to keep things as simple as possible.

What does your perfect journey look like? Have I missed anything?

Check out this video from new travel brand Lintenair, featuring Poldark’s Eleanor Tomlinson… sounds like an awesome way to travel!

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  1. by Rachel on May 9, 2017  2:53 pm Reply

    My perfect journey is moreso focused on fun, adventure, and excitement! I try not to worry about other things when possible (not always).

    -Rachel @ Backcountry Petite

    • by Vicky on May 18, 2017  11:05 am Reply

      Yeah, I think it usually depends on who you're with and your attitude as much as anything else.

  2. by Nitin Khanna on May 12, 2017  12:04 pm Reply

    Love the way you travel! Great Post. The most important thing that make your trip more interesting i.e. "Do that you like" and leave all the worries behind you. Live the moment you are in. I love to travel and just leave all the things behind me.

    Thanks for Sharing!

    • by Vicky on May 18, 2017  11:03 am Reply

      That is very true Nitin. Travelling is an opportunity to leave all that behind and to really be yourself and find yourself too.

  3. by Richard on May 17, 2017  12:38 pm Reply

    Nice selfie Vicky, haha. I know what you mean about 3G everywhere and I assume you have unlimited data? I recently went to London and the Wifi was so slow I used up nearly all of my monthly allowance in four hours. Oops!

    • by Vicky on May 18, 2017  10:51 am Reply

      Thanks Richard :) Yeah, well, depending on which country I'm in. I'm with Three Feel at Home so depending on where I am I can use it as I do in England. It's really good and I'd definitely recommend you check it out. Ah man that sucks. Crazy how much it can use it just a short amount of time isn't it?

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