My Travel Plans for 2018

My 2018 so far has been two weeks of intense home renovation and decoration. It’s been SUPER productive though and the house is at least 80% where I want it to be – the kitchen will have to wait. I’m so happy with it – looks amazing and so cosy. This weekend I had 7 of my favourite people come and visit from London for a kind of unofficial housewarming where we sat around drinking Prosecco, eating chilli and chatting, before going out for dinner. Loved having them here.

And today, my first new housemate moves in. I’m going to be a landlord. Lolz.

Well excited to put together a few ‘my new home’ posts when I get back from my next trip. Speaking of… 

This week!

On Thursday I’m off to Florida!

SO excited.

I’m going with Emily from for a week of road trips and fun in the sun. We’re going to Stuart, in Martin County, on Florida’s Atlantic Coast. This will be the fifth time I’ve been to Florida, yeah I’m getting to know the state quite well.

I’ve just been out on my bike for my typhoid booster for the trip after this one, and got totally piss wet through, so I cannot wait for the 23C and sunny. Show me that beach. 

Stuart is famous for its fishing, which I can’t really imagine I’ll be doing but I’ll definitely be eating a few fishy friends. Walking the boardwalk, checking out the local restaurants and exploring the live music scene is going to be awesome. And the fact that we’re getting a hire car from Hertz for a little road trip too.

Oh, and after five days exploring the delights of Stuart, we’re going to Universal Studios, and to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I know, I know, I’m excited too. Wonder if I can speed read books 4 to 7 so I know what’s going on?

Next Month

The Philippines!

Booked myself a little solo adventure to the Philippines didn’t I?

how to be 30

I’ve partnered up with Philippines Airlines’ to celebrate their direct Heathrow to Manila flight, for a two-week adventure in one of my all time favourite countries. I’ve been before, back in 2015, and loved it. Couldn’t say no to a little trip back could I?

This time I’m off to…

– Boracay

– Siargao

– Bohol

…to explore the islands and write about the perfect two-week trip. The beaches in the Philippines are amazing, the people are so lovely and I’ve chosen some cool places to stay this time round too. Very excited.

Tariser in Bohol

I really want to see one of these little Tarsier Monkeys too.

In March

Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante!

Ooo important trip in March. Y’know how I said my brother was getting married in Samos? Well, his fiance’s family and our family are meeting up in Barcelona to bond before the big day. We’re spending a long weekend in my favourite European city and his home now, and then, I’m going off to Valencia for Las Fallas Festival.

Check this out – looks crazy…

So yeah, going to that for a few days – been a travel dream for a few years now – and then hopping on the train down to Alicante for a day to have a little look around. Just thought it’d be cool to check out another Spanish city, seeing as I was there and the flights back from Valencia were insane thanks to the festival.

Nice little trip to practice my Spanish.

Muy bien.

Rest of the year

And then I’m still planning on joining Helen on her Rock My Adventure tour to Malawi, Botswana and Zambia. Let me know if you fancy joining – might be able to get you a cheeky little discount. Maybe. And I want to go to Mozambique beforehand, just for a little look around.

Also, two weeks in Samos in Greece for the big wedding are booked.

I want to have a weekend in Italy at some point – I’m thinking the Cinque Terre again, but we’ll see.

And that’s it for now. Except you know it won’t be. I’ll get itchy feet, and then take of to somewhere totally unknown and random. Who knows where?

Are you going anywhere exciting this year?

Let’s play a game – where would you go if I gave you £1000?

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  1. by Chadwick on January 15, 2018  4:24 pm Reply

    You could watch the Harry Potter films - quicker than reading the books. Else there'll be a lot of spoilers or just confusion at Wizarding World. Things start hotting up from book 4 onwards. There are plot twists and surprises and the tone changes (people die) and gradually all the little clues start to make sense.

    Meanwhile... £1000... would that cover a month in Eastern Europe? I'm thinking maybe a road trip through Romania, Hungary and Slovenia.

    • by VickyFlipFlop on January 16, 2018  5:48 pm Reply

      That is SUCH a good idea. Why didn't I think of that? TBH though, Daniel Radcliffe is all kinds of annoying. I think I'm just going to have to rely on Emily to fill me in with what I need to know. Although she dropped a spoiler last night. The Dumbledore one. Can't believe it.

      Oh that's a good idea. It'd definitely cover quite a bit of the area. Great idea to do a road trip there – that's how you get to see all the little villages and countryside you'd miss on a train or plane.

  2. by Emily Luxton on January 15, 2018  5:04 pm Reply

    Ooh £1000, I'd be straight on a flight to Tokyo. Travel dream! Although I'm not sure it'd cover the amount of souvenirs I fully intend to buy!

    I'm sooo excited for Florida - I need some sunshine and seafood. Bring it on 😄

    • by VickyFlipFlop on January 16, 2018  5:44 pm Reply

      Oh good choice. Tokyo is definitely one of the coolest cities I've ever visited. Yeah, think you'd need quite a bit to make the most of all the shopping opportunities. One day you'll get there :).

      This time in 48 hours we'll be there! :)

  3. by Elizabeth on January 16, 2018  10:53 am Reply

    It sounds like you have a great year of travel ahead! I can't wait to read your posts about Valencia--I've been dying to go there.

    If I somehow had 1,000 pounds I'd probably just be lame and book tickets to visit family in the US for the summer... just gotta find someone to watch the cat first!

    • by VickyFlipFlop on January 16, 2018  5:41 pm Reply

      I've been to Valencia twice before and I think it's such a cool city. Once just as a European break, and then for Tomatina Festival. Definitely my second best Spanish city after Barcelona. I'll make sure to do it justice with some good pics and a write up this time.

      Family is definitely the most important thing we have – good choice :).

  4. by Kate on January 16, 2018  4:09 pm Reply

    So jealous that you'll be visiting Valencia for Las Fallas Festival. I was there two years ago just before the festival and the city was alive! Can't wait to read about your Las Fallas experience.

    Kate |

    • by VickyFlipFlop on January 16, 2018  5:39 pm Reply

      Yeah it's going to be fun! I've had my eye on it a few years no so I'm excited to actually get to go. Looks bonkers – think I need to do some research to really get the most out of it. Definitely need to make a video of that little adventure :).

  5. by Sarah on January 17, 2018  1:52 pm Reply

    Looks like you're going to have a brilliant year with travel, enjoyed keeping up with you last year too.

    A couple of years back I went to Las Fallas which is pretty mental. There's a few walking tours in the city during the week that are well worth doing, think you need to book in advance for them.

    And for £1000 to travel? Need to book my flight to Africa in July.

    • by VickyFlipFlop on January 30, 2018  10:03 pm Reply

      Oh I'm meant to be going to Africa then too. The flight is pricey but sure it will be worth it!

      Yeah, I think Las Fallas is going to be great. Can't wait!

  6. by Alice Williams on January 20, 2018  9:20 am Reply

    Wooaah I will also try to visit the places you would. I love to explore different places and much inspired by you.Recently I am on a tour to India with Visit:

    • by VickyFlipFlop on January 30, 2018  10:03 pm Reply

      Ah that's great to hear I'm inspiring. Have fun!

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