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– Advertising feature from Nature House, written by them

Are you looking for that holiday accommodation away from the crowded cities but close to nature?

Perhaps you have no idea where to search for a place like this.

The solution is, a Dutch booking platform that offers a wide variety of lovely and sustainable holiday houses in the middle of nature. These are located mainly across Europe and can be found in diverse natural surroundings.

– Nature house in Viroinval-Namur, Belgium

If you’re a nature lover, this would be the perfect type of accommodation for you. You will be able to admire the natural treasures while hiking, skiing, mountain biking, or practicing any other outdoor activity. Some of those properties are close to mountains, beaches, or natural parks classified by UNESCO, where you will discover several preserved species of birds and animals, multicoloured flowers, and a multitude of plants that you might have never heard about before.

Take your family, friends, or just your partner, and enjoy an unforgettable holiday in a peaceful place.

Not convinced yet?

Then take a moment and imagine waking up to the birds chirping, taking a breath of fresh air, and exploring natural wonders. It sounds relaxing, right?

On the website of, you will find from cottages, holiday villas, and apartments to unique treehouses, yurts, or tents. However, if you want to experience a stay in nature in a more luxurious way, you should try glamping.

That’s not all.

Filter the nature houses

You can see the other types of nature houses on the website, where you are able to filter your options however you wish. You might also have the chance to book accommodation that has a pool, sauna, or even jacuzzi. Some of the holiday houses can offer you to taste home-grown vegetables and fruits. suggests places away from mass tourism, where you can relax, have no stress, and enjoy an oasis of peace and fresh air. Moreover, on the booking platform, you can select from a wide variety of sustainable homes that have waste separation and use green energy.

Maybe you’re asking yourself what you can do on an adventure holiday if you’re not an outdoor sports fan. Here are some lovely ideas that will definitely make your vacation to be a memorable one.

For example, you can watch dolphins or whales in Italy, Spain, or Portugal or take your comfortable shoes with you and explore step by step the nature and villages that surround the area where your accommodation is. Try to live like locals for a while and you will know for sure more about the culture in that region. If you are a gourmet or simply curious, you should try some of the culinary delicacies that are specific to that place or take a sip of the local wine or beer.

Don’t miss the chance to plan your holiday during Oktoberfest, in Germany, or the ‘Festival de Los Patios’, in Spain.

Story of

The story of started when two brothers, Tim and Luuk van Oerle, who are passionate bird watchers and the founders of the company, decided to go to Extremadura, Spain for bird watching. However, the challenge they encountered was that they were not able to find the right accommodation outside the crowded holiday parks. This is how was brought to life.

It has always followed its mission to connect people with nature while being a sustainable brand. Now, the company has more than 15,000 nature houses worldwide, which are listed on the website.

– Nature house in Cisternino-Apulia, Italy

Some of the most popular destinations are the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Portugal. Sounds like you can find plenty of options, right?

Another really interesting fact is that has adapted to the recent desire of customers to minimise their contact with landlords or other people due to the Corona crisis. Therefore, the company has developed the “Contactless stay”, which means that you don’t have to come into contact with anyone during your stay and do not have to share rooms, but also that the key is ready and the breakfast is already prepared without seeing anyone else. You will recognise the nature houses that have this option by the green label “contactless stay”.

As the mission of is to bring people closer to nature, of course, they make sure they do it in a safe way.

– Cottage in South Scotland

For customers, it is important to enjoy the break while knowing that where they go all the measures are applied. Considering that in the past few years, more and more people are looking for a holiday home in a secluded place where they can admire the beauty of nature in complete silence and without coming into contact with someone else, the current situation has further strengthened this. So, there is now much more need for safer holiday accommodation. This is not only a safe way of renting holiday homes for guests, but also for hosts. On the website, you can find a multitude of cottages, cabins, or apartments that have a green label. Have a look!

In case you are still wondering what makes different than hotels, resorts, or packed holiday parks. Let’s see… It is not just a booking platform on which you can rent accommodation in nature, it is also a sustainable company. has planted more than 1 million trees in three countries in Africa, namely Madagascar, Tanzania, and Burkina Faso. Starting with August 2020, for each booking made on the website, the Dutch company contributes to local nature projects. Each nature project is different and can have the objective to restore recreational facilities, improve the habitat of a particular species or rejuvenate a piece of forest. Therefore, by booking accommodation through you make the change possible. Isn’t it interesting?

Choose the holiday house on that suits you best and prepare your luggage!

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