EE has launched inclusive roaming in loads of destinations around the world – woohoo!

From now on all existing EE mobile pay monthly and pay as you go mobile customers can use their UK allowance in 48 European destinations, and new 4GEE Max customers can also use their allowance in USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.

Travel apps to download

Yay, just in time for summer. Live streaming and video calls are now within easy reach!

But what about the best new travel apps to use while you’re away? Might as well find some cool things to do to spend all those data on to make travel life even easier.

I’ve got my golden apps that I download as soon as I get my replacement phones (chief phone loser) – you know the ones, Google Maps, Skyscanner, XE, Google Translate, Strava, Uber, Whatsapp…

I can’t get into CityMapper and still haven’t learnt a word on Duolingo (apparently you need to put some effort in too, nahhh), but what about the new ones on the market?

Do they deserve a place in our lives, or not?

5 NEW(ish) Travel Apps Worth Downloading

1. Cool Cousin

Love the thinking behind this app. Basically locals have signed up as ‘cousins’ in the top cities around the world. You can have a sift through them and see which one (as in totally judge them on their likes and dislikes) you’re most likely to trust the advice from, and then you click through to see their recommendations. They’ll suggest coffee places, nightlife, culture, food among others. You can see them plotted on a map, and sign up for alerts when they recommend somewhere new. It’s kind of like having a super informed mate on the ground showing you round.

So you can sign up to have multiple cousins, or just follow the advice of one or two. You can even message them if you have any questions, and hopefully, they’ll get back to you.

You can filter down the ‘cousins’ . You can also sign up to their social media and get to know a little more about them.

Expect to discover the latest and coolest of the city’s attractions. And, finally for this review, you can also download the maps offline. Brilliant.

2. G. Spotting 

Ok, anyone with an eye for design, a streak of hipster and a lust for following good photography is going to love this app.

Unfortunate name (isn’t spotting something weird?) but it’s part of the Gwyneth Paltrow empire, mainly a spin off from her OTT healthy (IMHO) site Goop. This will show you the fanciest, most hipster places in each of the cities. I looked up the London suggestions, obviously seeing as that’s the city I know best. I liked them. In fact, if I had as much money as Gwyneth Paltrow. I’d go to all those places too. But I don’t, so I’ll just look and lust and maybe go to one or two one day. If you’ve got some money to spend, and you’re in a big city, I’d definitely recommend getting involved.

3. AsYouStay

This app is great if you have difficult arrival and departure times that don’t suit the traditional hotel allowances. You can search and book your hotel based on what time you want to check in and out. So I could check in at 8am Friday and out 10pm on Sunday and it would set the rate accordingly. I think it’s a great idea. It’s annoying having my days cut short or limited by the fact I need to be in or out the hotel when it suits them.

Right now it’s only available in the big cities in the USA, but surely it’ll roll out to the rest of the world at some point?

4. Memrise

Love this app! Been practising my French when I’m meant to be replying to emails. It’s like an advance on Duolingo – much better because you see the phrase or word in different ways. You’ll read it, write it and see someone saying it and repeating it too. The topics are pretty random and you’ll get to learn about your chosen language’s culture, as well as the words. Well into this.

5. Lonely Planet

Everyone loves Lonely Planet, right? But lugging that massive book around? Nahhhh. Their app, which has probably been around for ages but I didn’t notice, means you can download the particular city guide for the place you want. You can look at the curated collections of attractions like markets, museums, gardens and architecture. You can also download the map offline to look at when you’re out and about. It’s easy to access the information you need, from ‘see’, ‘eat’, ‘sleep’ and ‘shop’. There’s also a need to know section and a place where you can save your favourite things too.

I’ll stop now, just download it and use it.

Do you have any good new travel apps you’d recommend?
Reveal all below!

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