I’m going to Papua New Guinea!
On Sunday!

I know, I’m excited too. I can’t wait to see the colours and countryside of one of the least visited destinations in the world. There are only 70,000 tourists to Papua New Guinea each year (Indonesia next door has over 5 million) and only 5,000 of these are British. I feel lucky to be going to see somewhere where I only know one other person who’s been – my travel blogger friend Simon

– Photo by David Kirkland

Papua New Guinea is notoriously difficult to travel around because there’s no infrastructure across the mountainous terrain – I’ll need to fly everywhere. It’s not that far from Australia and it was very tempting to extend the trip with a little hop over to Darwin, but no, Papua New Guinea all the way. 

How to go to Papua New Guinea

I’m going for almost two weeks and checking out three different destinations: Mount Hagen, Tari and Hoskins. 

Travelling Papua New Guinea

What I’m doing in Papua New Guinea

 “Papua New Guinea is one of the world’s last great frontiers” – The Telegraph

Diving, snorkelling, bush walking, meeting a medicine man (not a ‘witch doctor’, that’s offensive), going on cultural tours, flying by charter planes, meeting the Huli Wigmen, hiking a volcano, going on a firefly tour (?!), and staying at the most incredible hotels ever…

Watch my YouTube video to see what to expect from PNG!

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My Papua New Guinea Accommodation

Rondon Ridge, Mt Hagen

– Photo from CNTraveller.com

“Guests are accommodated in twelve tastefully appointed rooms with warmed king beds for those fresh highlands nights, with modern en-suite bathrooms. Rondon Ridge has 24-hour, eco-friendly electricity, provided by its own hydroelectric power plant that generates clean, natural energy from a nearby mountain stream.

Each of the twelve units features 180 degree views, modern bathroom, electric blankets and continental quilts for the cool highland evenings.”


Ambua Lodge

Ambua Lodge is situated at 7000 feet (2100 metres) up in the Hela Province of Papua New Guinea

It is home to the famous Huli wigmen with their human hair wigs adorned with colorful bird of paradise feathers. 

Ambua has 24 hour, eco-friendly electricity, provided by its own hydroelectric power plant that generates clean, natural energy from a nearby mountain stream. The main lodge building houses the bar, dining and lounge areas and a cozy central fireplace.”

Walindi Plantation Resort

Walindi Plantation Resort, established in 1983, is an intimate dive resort situated on the shores of Kimbe Bay on the island of New Britain, Papua New Guinea. The resort is world famous for it’s quality of diving, international award-winning photography and warm hospitality.  The resort has been voted to have “the best diving from a resort anywhere in the world” by reader surveys.

Good company, great food, friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere provide a perfect backdrop while you enjoy the delights of Kimbe Bay diving, explore the local area, join a birdwatching tour or just relax the day away.”

How to fly to Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

– Photo by David Kirkland

I’ll be flying with British Airways. It’s 13 hours to Singapore, then 8 hours to the Papua New Guinea capital Port Morseby, and then an hour to my first destination, Mount Hagen. Looking forward to sitting back and watching some films.

I’m totally out of practice for big trips though – I’m nervous! It’s been a while since I’ve done such adventurous travel, especially on my own, but I’m really looking forward to getting out there and learning about a culture and country I know very little about. I’ve packed the Lonely Planet for the flight but I’m actually excited to go somewhere totally new to me with no preconceptions.

I’m basically not going to have Wi-Fi for the first week either, bit sad about the lack of potential Instagram Stories, but I’m also excited for a break from the rest of the world. I’ll see you on the other side with lots of photos and video.

This, is going to be an incredible adventure!

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