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First Timer’s Guide to Using the No.1 Traveller Lounge at Heathrow

What would you say to free food, free drinks, free Wi-Fi, comfy seats and no hassle at the airport before you board your flight?

When I say ‘free’, obviously you have to pay an entrance fee (£30) but once that’s done, and you can do it in advance, you have access to all the food, drink and relaxation you could imagine for up to three hours before your flight.

No1 Traveller Lounge

I was offered two complimentary passes for the No1 Traveller Lounge at Heathrow before my recent two-week trip to the USA so thought I’d pass on my newly-gained knowledge for anyone thinking of getting their holiday off to a good start.

Arrive hungry 

In our hurry to start our holiday we’d skipped breakfast to get to the airport quicker and make the most of it so we were ravenous by the time we got there. Time it right and you could indulge in breakfast and lunch at the No1 Traveller Lounge. Unfortunately, thanks to Virgin faffing around at check in, we arrived at 11am so just missed the breakfast, but we were well in for the lunch. We got stuck in to cheese sticks, cheese, potato salad, quinoa and salad straight away.

No1 Traveller Lounge

You can also order one complimentary hot dish of the menu and there’s a whole range you can pay for, if you have a bigger appetite.

I went for a chicken Caesar salad pitta, which was delicious. Quite small, but good considering we had the cold buffet to have a go at too.

Turn up thirsty

On entry the kind concierge staff asked us if we wanted a drink, “of course”. I had a glass of wine, a bottle of water, a coffee and a ginger beer. Yep, very thirsty girl.

You can have as much drink as you like, within reason, from the bar.

No1 Traveller Lounge

There are fridges filled with soft drinks for the taking and you can help yourself to as many hot drinks as you can take too. Make sure to grab a bottle of water before you leave for the plane too. Just make sure you go to those luxury toilets before you leave, or any kind of delayed take off will not be fun.

Use the spa

No1 Traveller Lounge

I was booked into a MicroZone Dermalogica facial (£20/20 mins) and having never had a facial before I was pretty excited. My beautician Leanne was very informative and the beauty room was really relaxing. So relaxing, I kind of forgot that I was meant to be getting a flight. I guess this is the idea though – the spa does not feel like you’re at an airport and you can sit back and relax until you need to board.

No1 Traveller Lounge

The spa is only available at Heathrow Terminal 3. They offer a whole range of services you can prebook or just turn up for. Here’s the spa menu for you to have a look at.

Get some rest

The lounge was pretty busy the day I went, but nowhere near as busy as the main lounges out in the airport. In the Heathrow Traveller No.1 Lounge you get free Wi-Fi, comfy sofas and plenty of space to stretch out too.

When we left the lounge to get to our gate we looked at all the people draped over the uncomfortable chairs in the airport and felt a tad smug we’d just been sat enjoying such great service in the lounge.

No1 Traveller Lounge

Entertainment for the kids

With games rooms, computers and a cinema the No.1 Traveller Lounge is a great option if you have kids too. Drop them off in there and you can get some peace and quiet for once.

While they’re having fun doing that you can enjoy the free newspapers and magazines, and all of you can enjoy the runway views.

I didn’t actually see them but apparently there are showers and bedrooms in there too.

It’s a great treat

For me, having lounge access was a great treat that I’d definitely recommend if you were looking for a special start to a holiday. Or, if you’re away on business and need good Wi-Fi access and space to spread your papers out. I’m thinking that a lounge pass would be the perfect treat for a friend or family member going on a special holiday too – in fact I’m going to get two passes as a wedding present for my friend.

If you want more details, just check out their site at

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