I want to keep it. This four-floor absolute beaut of a townhouse in Notting Hill was mine for one night only at the weekend. Even walking up the steps to the doorway it felt like mine, but sadly, that home sweet home feeling was only mine for a glorious 18 hours.

rental in Notting Hill

With comfortable room for six people over 3 double rooms and 5 bathrooms I thought it only right to get my friend Monica from thetravelhack.com round to help me experience luxury living a la Hugh Grant and Rhys Ifans.

I had 3 hours before she arrived and as soon as I saw the bath in my master bedroom ensuite I knew how I’d be spending it. I filled it with bubbles, hot bubbles to boil away the day I’d spent rushing around the city meeting Brenna from thisbatteredsuitcase.com for breakfast in Borough, and my friend Steve in Camden for a wine-fuelled lunch. Add to that my Thursday night eating fish and chips and knocking back gin and tonic with my friends in Marylebone and it had been a brilliant, but exhausting 24 hours.

All I needed was a hot bath in a £6 million Notting Hill townhouse to get over it.

– *price estimate from Right Move

Features of the house

Along with the bathrooms and bedrooms I also had a beautiful kitchen – one that even I’d have a go at cooking in, given more time – a zebra print-themed working area and a huge lounge with a cinema style TV.

When I have a Notting Hill townhouse I imagine it will look a little something like this.

The exposed brick in the bathroom, L-shaped sofa and cute little garden area were my favourite features. The garden even had a mirrored wall. When I live in a house like this I imagine I’d also partake in a little downward dog to fill my days, and this would be where I’d do it.

FG Properties Notting Hill

I slept soundly here – the bed was comfy and the fresh cotton sheets lulled me into a safe and secure slumber. I woke up feeling refreshed, rich and fabulous.

My house.

FG Properties

The house actually belongs to FG Properties who rent it out to business and holiday travellers. Located right by Portobello Road it’s in the perfect location for day, evening and night time fun. As soon as Monica arrived we went out for sushi at Ukai, just minutes away on the main road. If we weren’t going to the Blogtacular conference the next day we would’ve checked out some of the bars nearby too, but seeing as the house was so stunning, and they gave us a welcome bottle of wine, we went home to the humongous TV for a travel blogger video YouTube party. Seriously.

Notting Hill bedroom

It was really good to be back in London for a few days before my next trip. My night on Basing Street gave me a much needed good sleep, a chance to experience life as a Notting Hill resident and to try a new housing company I’d definitely use again.

You can book this Basing Street property with FG Properties. Prices start from £435 per night, which I genuinely think is a great price if there are 6 of you given the area, the space, the house and the money you’d save being self catered! 

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