Throwback to My October & November 2018

Totally missed doing one of these in October, so here’s an October / November mash up for you, and me, to look back on in harder times.

Sometimes it takes these reviews for me to realise how lucky I am… and why I’m so tired and behind on work.


Basically, I spent the beginning of October in Malawi having a marvellous time with Helen and Jesi. I still have a lot to write about my three weeks in Africa, but I’ve been so busy catching up and creating ever since, I haven’t had the chance. It was a great trip, full of adventure and new friends, and festivals.


Living in Southsea

Came back and I was straight into my birthday. Quiet one this year – cycling to West Wittering with Ben. It’s an amazing beach I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered for the first time. Will definitely be spending more time there next summer! My 34th birthday was the quietest and calmest one I’ve ever had.

Although I still managed to drag the birthday out for a week, as per. Mum and Dad came down and we went for a spectacular meal at Sant Yagos (probs the best restaurant in Southsea) to celebrate mine and mum’s birthday in the same month.

Another brilliant South Coast find, in the beach down at  Lepe, in the New Forest. For some reason I only took a picture of the cafe and not the actual beach, but I’ll be back. My new obsession is getting a car so I can explore more of the south coast, and this will definitely be on the ‘go again’ list. Such a beautiful October day!


It all seemed a bit last minute, but I was invited on an incredible trip with G Adventures to party at Dracula’s Castle for Halloween. And so off I went to Romania for three days. It really was an amazing experience to be at one of the spookiest places in the world for such an important day.

Made a video about it and everything…


I came back and went straight to a travel bloggers party in London. It was the start of WTM (World Travel Market – big travel conference) and I had blogger friends I wanted to see. And so started a crazy week of meetings, parties and fun with them.

– Photos from WanderlustChloe

I went to see Aladdin (amazing), went to a tequila tasting taco brunch at Corazon, went inside the British Museum for the first time, and finally went to Sushi Samba. It was a great little holiday in London. I definitely don’t do enough of exploring the great British outdoors.

Chicago and Springfield, Illinois

And then: Chicago. It was a trip that had been in discussion for months, but then all of a sudden felt like it came around too quickly. I didn’t feel prepared. Made it through, don’t you worry.

Chicago Skydeck

Chicago is definitely one of my favourite cities in the world, and it was an experience to see it from the top of a bus in a parade on the Magnificent Mile. I was genuinely in a parade with Mickey and Minnie Mouse – another childhood dream achieved. I’ll tell you about it soon. 

And then I went to Springfield in Illinois for a few days. It’s the capital of Illinois, and also where Abraham Lincoln lived before he became president – a fact you absolutely cannot get away from. I think their whole tourism is built on it and now I feel like an Abe Lincoln expert. We drove back via Route 66 – ooo yeah!

An overnight flight and it was a quick turnaround so I was ready for my next trip to The Hague. In fact, about 6 hours.


Lurrrved The Hague. I love it when a place really surprises me, and that’s exactly what The Hague did for me. I guess I was just expecting museums, but I found a really cool city with loads to do, is easy to get to, and has some great places to eat, and independent places to shop too. Also, fun things to do…

Wearing clogs in the Hague

– Wearing tights, thermals, and leggings. It was COLD! 

I was there for two days for a press trip, and then Ben came out to join me for the weekend. And then, we went to Amsterdam for two days. It’s only 30 minutes away so thought we might as well.


The day after I went to see my parents in Winchester, for the Christmas Market – although, it rained pretty much the whole time. Still, a lovely market, just outside Winchester Cathedral and often cited as one of the best Christmas Markets in the UK.

Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market

And now, it’s today. The 29th November, well, 30th when you read this.

I’m off to London to finish the month off. I’m going to check out two of the best Christmas Markets for National Express. I usually travel by train into London from Southsea, so let’s see how the coach goes.

And then I’m meeting Karen from We’re off to the Vuelio Blog Awards, where neither of us are up for anything, except A PARTY.

October & November

These last two months have been a crazy whirlwind of fun adventures, with some desperate attempts at fitting work in here and there. Also, seeing Ben, seeing my family, try to see friends, work hard, research, do yoga, explore, learn – on repeat.

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Next month: December 2018

Ooo I’ve got a lot of work to do. It’s gonna be nose to the grindstone and all that. Too many ideas, too many yeses, and not enough time.

As for travel, there’s just one trip on the cards: to Menorca, in Spain. I don’t have all the details yet, but I’ll be heading over for a little winter sun on a press trip.

Basel Christmas Market stalls

The rest of the time? Getting in the Christmas mood!

Me and Emily have booked our Southsea Travel Bloggers Christmas Party (which is just the two of us) at a 90s night here. I’ll be going back to my parents’ for a week over Christmas. I’ve booked a very special hotel for me and Ben for a night in Hampshire. I’m off to see Jayne next week, and that’s about it!

Right, better go. Need to decide what I’m wearing tonight!

Adios amigos! 


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