This is it. The end of my two and half year run of being a digital nomad – homeless and living in hotels and hostels day to day. I’ve just signed up for a normal life, for an indefinite amount of time, living in a flat for the foreseeable future. Seriously, haven’t committed to an accommodation for longer than three days for over two years.

Nervous. But good nervous.


End of an era

It felt weird. I was lying on a sun lounger on the beach at the Mango Bay Resort in Phu Quoc, Vietnam, looking through apartments on on my phone. I knew it was the right thing to do.

I could travel like I have done for another year, an opportunity I know many would give anything for but there are down sides to this life I have. I’ve been finding it more and more difficult to work and travel at the same time – not particularly doing either very well – I miss my friends, I miss England and living out of a suitcase is doing my head in.

I’ve loved meeting people along the way on my travels, but I also want to be with people who already know me. Where I don’t have to try and show the best of me, or remember whatever facts they’ve told me and who said what. I want to laugh and relax in my friends’ company, people I’ve known longer than a few days.

So, before I burn out, like I see other travel bloggers doing I’ve put an end to my long-term travel ways and opted for more of a normal life. No longer wandering the planet following my fancy.

Life as a digital nomad

As I post this today, Sunday 12th February, I’ve been travelling for two years, seven months, three weeks and five days. Let’s call it 2 and a half years.

Part of me thinks I’m mad. I could live anywhere in the world and I’ve chosen Southsea – a little seaside town, part of Portsmouth in England. Somewhere I’ve never even spent a night.

Why Southsea? Why now?

I wanted to be by the coast though, and somewhere affordable. I wanted it to be near enough to London that I can pop in (1 hr 45 mins away) and my best mate lives just up the road. I’ve just spent the weekend down there staying at hers nearby, and I love it. Cool bars, great looking restaurants, boutiquey shops and lots of outdoor spaces.

I have so many ideas and so many stories of things I want to post, write about and talk about. I want to be more creative and experiment, but travelling full time uses up some of that creativity, and a lot of time. Blogging is changing so much and it’s getting harder to make it sustainable. I need to work more and travel less, to make this work.

Of course, I’m still going to travel. Once a month at least. In fact… I’m going somewhere super exciting on Friday.

Until then though, I need to pack up whatever I have at my parents house and get planning my new life!

Ever been to Southsea?
Know anyone who lives down there?
(I need some friends)

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