We arrived in San Fernando at 6am after an 8-hour overnight coach journey from Madrid. It wasn’t bad at all, both of us slept for most of it.

We were here to do our first Workaway mission. With Isabel, a lady who wanted us to paint her villas and help around her house. For now though, we needed to wait until 8am for her to come and get us.

San Fernando reminded me of an old-style American cowboy town. I could imagine cowboys bursting out of the many swinging doors any second. Sadly there was no sign of any cowboys, or many people, just a few old ladies with their zimmers out before the crowds. It was like a building site around the station, but we managed to find a little place open for breakfast.

We were nervous about meeting the woman we were going to spend the next two weeks with, as well as being absolutely exhausted from our night out in Madrid, and a week of controlling kids at an English-speaking camp, fantasising about cosy beds, sleep and tasty food.

It finally came time for Isabel to pick us up. She literally drove us to heaven. Our own 2-bedroom apartment, complete with our own bathroom (amazing after sharing with 60 kids at camp), lounge, sofa, TV with English channels, kitchen, outdoor patio, and fields around.

She told us to do what we wanted today (hallelujah!) and tomorrow we’d start work on painting the three villas. I could not have been happier. She’d left us some food and we scoffed that and went to bed for the most heavenly sleep in the world.

We woke up about five hours later to glorious sun light and bags of food on the tables. We went to find her and she said she’d shouted us, but we were obviously dead to the world.

We took a walk around her land. She has a Pilates studio in her garden where she gives lessons, 2 kids, a cool fat cat, and the best dog I’ve ever met. She took us to see the beach down the road, which was beautiful. In return for all this hospitality, we simply work 5 hours a day, and the rest of the time in this beautiful forest farmland of Conil, is ours. So, I’m excited for the morning to see what it’s like!

Hey Ho, Hey Ho, It's Off to Work We Go!