I went to Cancun after working at summer camp in New York. I’m not sure what actually possessed my friend Lisa and I to book a trip there when we had the whole of the USA to discover, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I had an absolutely incredible and amazing time partying in Cancun, learning to scuba dive and lazing on the beautiful beaches.

Partying in Cancun beaches

If I’d have had any money I’d have stayed at the likes of the Mayan Palace Resort or the Mayan Riviera All Inclusive just down the coast in Playa del Carmen, but after a summer of spending all my earnings on pitchers of beer – that’s how they serve it in the USA – and in Walmart, I had none left. Me and my friend made do with a cheap old hotel room that joyfully came with two double beds. Luxury after sharing bunk beds with a load of teenagers.

We went to Cancun to party hard. We went to Senor Frogs, La Boom, The City, Coco Bongo, G Spot and Daddy O. I can’t actually remember all the bars we went to, but I can guarantee we saw the inside of them all.

In La Boom we ended up judging a hot guy competition. We were sat up on stage along the side as if we were on X Factor or similar and we had to score them all at the end. The prize money was huge and we tried to rig it with one of the guys we’d met in our hotel, unfortunately the whole thing was already rigged and some guy from the club won it. It was an interesting experience.

In Coco Bongo we danced on the bar and in my memory got the whole club copying our moves. Chances are this didn’t happen, but is explained my drunken bravado and wishful thinking. At Coco Bongo the ceilings are really high and they have acrobats, gymnasts and dancers putting on a show dangled from the roof. Beetlejuice will come swinging in from one direction as samba dancers come in from the opposite.

Partying in Cancun

People party hard in Cancun – it’s hard not to. Drinks seem much cheaper than England, you get a free tequila with every course in restaurants and if your friend doesn’t drink it that means twice the fun for you. I actually got quite ill in Cancun – I got tonsillitis and found it hard to swallow the over generous offering of tequilas. I didn’t let that put me off the Cancun party scene though and powered on through with more Coronas.

I doubt I could hack partying in Cancun now – much prefer a nice cafe or pub to put my feet up and let the cocktails flow – but my party days were fun while they lasted.

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