A Few Photos of Bratislava’s Old Town

I’m in Bratislava for less than 24 hours, but I wanted to share a few photos of the Old Town to give you an idea of what to expect from the capital city of Slovakia. To be honest it’s kind of like I imagined really – an Eastern European city with the typical Renaissance architecture, beer served everywhere and trinket shops by the dozen.

I couldn’t stop taking photos of the colourful buildings, shame about the weather, but I can’t have everything!

Cool buildings in Bratislava Old Town

I got the bus to the train station from the airport – fairly easy, very busy – and then walked the 10 minutes to the Downtown Backpackers Hostel where I’m staying for the night. After settling in I went off to explore for a few hours, and get some dinner.

In the short while I’ve been here I’ve come to a few conclusions…

  • Bratislava is pretty, in a worn out, weather damaged, tough life, kind of way.
  • They like big salads (they feature heavily on the menus I’ve seen, and I had a delicious one).
  • They love cake – managed to resist so far, but they look fit.
  • I can’t understand a word of Slovakian.
  • It’d definitely be a fun place to come with friends for a boozey, chilled out weekend.

Other cool things to see in The Old Town, Bratislava

I feel these may need some explanation. That dude running across in white was some sort of ‘avant garde’ performance outside a bar which seemed to involved them all dressing up in painter’s whites and pixelated sunglasses while playing some weird electro music and blowing on random instruments – it was cool.

In Bratislava Old Town those doll puppet things are dotted about on benches, I guess for tourists to have photos with. Well, that’s what I did anyway. That salad was the best I’ve ever had – melon, prosciutto, spinach, pine nuts, cherries – should get my strength up for Sziget Festival tomorrow!

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