So with a little Chang in me, no one to party with and too jet lagged and tired to go to the effort of making friends I decided, for some reason, it would be a great idea to get my ear pierced. As soon as I had the thought I went into the nearest shop to enquire and barter. He said 1000, I instinctively halved it to 500, he said 800, I said 500, we finally agreed on 500. It was only three needles and a bloody ear later that I actually thought about the exchange rate after and realised it was close to a tenner. I’d most likely been done, but it was too late by then.

Scorpion Khao San Road

The Khao San Road piercing

I asked him if the needles were fresh and the room was clean. The one thing I didn’t ask was if he actually knew how to do it. How silly of me to presume.

He sat me down and I drew the little mark where I wanted it to be. In the past I’ve had my lip pierced, my nose, my helix and a few holes in my lobes too, so I’m no stranger. I sensed something was wrong when he was crazily tugging at my ear and what sounded like he was cursing at the needle. He went to get another needle and was getting notably angrier. He pulled my ear away from my head, seemingly forgetting it was attached and tried to get that second needle through. I couldn’t see, but I could hear the snipping of scissors against something, I can still only assume it was either end of the needle.

His boss saw what he was doing and came running in.

I told him he was hurting me, not to worry about it, I didn’t want it any more and let’s just stop this now. The boss was a determined chap though and ignored my pleas. Instead he pressed a swab to my ear – I was unsure if the dripping I felt was water or blood.

I was feeling kind of stupid.

The boss ushered the guy out the way and got another needle, round three, and stabbed that into my ear. I heard the snipping of scissors close to my ear again. The sounds was far too close to me for someone I didn’t trust. With some struggle, thanks to the amount of holes currently in my ear, he finally managed to get the stud in the right one. Or at least one where it would go all the way through.

I jumped up and looked in the mirror, ready to see my whole head pouring with blood. Turns out my ear was just bright red and stayed that way for a week.

He still charged 500 and I still paid. What a mug.

Ear pierced on Khao San Road

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