My Plans for the Summer Have Changed

I was all about Edinburgh Festival, Boomtown, this festival, that festival, and then when my friend bailed on Edinburgh I realised that I was relieved, not sad.

I need a break from all the adventure. Sounds crazy I know.

The last week in London was awesome. I’ve loved every second of seeing my friends, meeting with clients and just being in London, somewhere where I could read the language, understand the cultural references and know how much things are without working out the conversion.

Pretty bad for a travel blogger hey?

Chilling in Nashville

Well, not really. I’ve been travelling or nearly two years now. I can’t believe it’s been that long. I need a little time to actually work on the blogging, rather than the travelling part. And to just sleep in the same bed every night and get myself organised. I feel like my life is a mess in every way from my bank account and email inbox to my health and love life.

  • I’ve slept in 57 different beds this year – we’re only on day 171.
  • I have thousands of photos of at least 30 countries that are a mess.
  • Who even knows how many hours of video?
  • I need to make my ‘two years of solo travel’ video – here’s the one from my first year.
  • My to do list is an epic scroll your way down spreadsheet that just keeps getting longer and longer.

So anyway, I’m not exactly stopping, just chilling out.



Summer 2016 plans

For the next 10 days I’m hanging out with my family in an apartment in Barcelona, which is awesome. We’re just relaxing, drinking and laughing.

From here I’m going to Greece. I’m going on an island tour with Travel Talk Tours. First stop Athens, then Mykonos, Santorini and then Ios. EXCITED. I’m going to take lots of dramatic photos and maybe even make a video. Anything could happen.

And then I’m going to Stockholm for a travel bloggers conference. I’ve got a room with three of my favourite travel blogger chums and I just know already it’s going to be an amazing week, filled with sightseeing, drinking and new friends.

And then, mid July, back to London to stay in an AirBnB in Stockwell somewhere for five weeks. Five glorious whole weeks in the same bed, well, apart from the weekend at Wilderness Festival. Still doing that.

Well excited.

And then it will be September. And who knows what will happen then. Well, maybe a little trip to Croatia with my friend Jen but apart from thhaaaaat.

Ok, so yeah, not exactly stopping travelling, just slowing down and cherishing the trips I have. Sorting my life out. Seeing friends. And ditching that crazy festival schedule I talked of before.

And exploring London, yay, SO MANY THINGS I WANT TO DO THERE! 

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  1. by Jen on June 20, 2016  10:36 am Reply

    Hurrah for Croatia...Can't wait!

    I had to cancel a trip because of operation and as sad as I was even just a week of forced chilling has left me feeling relieved and my life hasn't been half as hectic as yours.

    I think it's ok to just stop sometimes... maybe this is the new trend in travel blogging... not travelling hahaha! Yer that's going to last. I bet you squeeze in another trip in those 5 weeks accidentally!

    Can I come chill with you in London?

    • by Vicky on June 21, 2016  11:08 am Reply

      Hola! Yeah, it's tough doing all this travelling isn't it? So much to think about before a trip and then you're thinking about the next one.Yeah I've already added a few extra days in Stockholm. Oops... I'm addicted.

  2. by Emma Hart | Paper Planes and Caramel Waffles on June 25, 2016  11:00 pm Reply

    It must be so easy to get burnt out when you're travelling as much as you do! It sounds like a good idea to chill out a little bit although your summer still looks like it's pretty packed full of fun adventures! Looking forward to seeing what your Greece trip is like - I've always wanted to do a bit of island hopping around that area. And I'm still so incredibly undecided about whether to go to TBEX or not. Last year in Lloret de Mar was so much fun and I know I'll have a major case of FOMO but I fear my back account may say no :( BOO!

    • by Vicky on June 26, 2016  7:59 am Reply

      Yeah as I came to the end of writing that I was like, 'yeahh, I sound like an idiot, it's still hectic'. But yeah, that's a shortened version of what I was going to do. I definitely need to chill out a bit. Yeah come to TBEX, I'm really looking forward to it! Think it will be an expensive one though, especially with that pound dipping!

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