Plus Size Travel Tips, with Kirsty Leanne [PODCAST]

Kirsty Leanne is the number one blogger to turn to for plus size travel tips. She’s been a travel blogger since 2015 and is the founder of the #PlusSizeTravelToo movement. 

Kirsty’s just back from sunny Lanzarote and joined me to talk about what it’s like to travel when you’re plus size, and her top tips for choosing swimwear, and for travelling stress-free.

And just so you know, that noise in the background isn’t a plane – it’s the washing machine. 


Plus size travel blogger

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Kirsty looked at ten different travel brands to see whether any of them were including plus size people in their marketing. With the amount of plus sized people in the world, her findings are kinda shocking on one hand, but totally expected on the other. Have a listen to hear what she found, and her conclusions. 

“People need to see more of themselves in this marketing because otherwise they’re alienating a lot of people.”

“Change will happen, but not as much as I want”.

She wants to help give women of all sizes and shapes the confidence to travel as much as they want. 

“I get a lot of people messaging me on Instagram saying thank you for showing we can do it too. We’ve booked our holiday.”

Body confidence

Kirsty gives us her top recommendations for plus size ladies to follow on Instagram. 

Callie Thorpe

Danielle Vanier (I totally thought she said Fanyay)

Becky Bedbug

Also, her top tips for choosing the right swimwear for you, to help you feel more confident.

“Try on every style, and find out what works for you. If you want it, order it.”

Check out SimplyBe, Panache and Curvy Kate.

Plus Size Travel Blogger

We also delve into why and how she’s so scared of everything, and how to get over that.

“I’m still scared of flying, even though I do it all the time”.

We chat about the break up that made her travel, and go and explore California. And how after realising how manageable the prices were from England, how she’s now addicted to travel. 

“I don’t know why I was thinking I can’t afford to travel, but I cut out a make up palette and realised I could do it“

Kirsty Leanne Plus Size Travel Blogger

Kirsty’s next trip is to travel across the US, with Trek America for three weeks. But that brings up a whole host of new worries – the plane, the transport, the tent… listen to find out her tips to prepare for her dream trip. 

Also, her outfit planning, and how to make it work with her Instagram. 

“There’s a lot of things you have to think about before, which maybe other people don’t. Travel is a lot of preparation, and worrying.”

Plus size travel

Planes are getting smaller, and we’re getting bigger. Travelling is becoming more problematic for more people, so Kirsty wants to show them that if she can do it, so can they/you. 

Join Kirsty’s Plus Size Travel Too group, just to help people travel at the size they are now.

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And of course, on her blog at kirstyleanne.com too. 

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