I went to Paris in August and arrived in a rain shower that just didn’t shift. After dodging the rain storm wearing just flip flops and 3/4 length trousers we decided to defy the winds and climb the hundreds of steps up the Eiffel Tower, via the lift of course.

Absolutely chucking it down at the Eiffel Tower

I’ll admit, we’d have probably sacked it off if we hadn’t already paid £20 for the Eiffel Tower tickets to do it, and the fact that we had no money for Paris restaurants also meant that it was the Eiffel Tower or home.

We decided to brave it.

We hadn’t even gone through the scanners and we were dripping wet. As we made it to the midway platform the rain was lashing and the sky sporadically lit up with flashes. There was no turning back now, although I could feel the platform sway under me, over me and all around me.

Raining at the Eiffel Tower

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