Readly App Review: How to Read Magazines While Travelling

I used to be obsessed with magazines, ob-sessed.

At the height of my addiction I’d read at least 5 a week. I even studied an NCTJ course in Magazine Journalism at Harlow College, and had a ‘glittering’ career in magazines for six years. I worked on BBC Good Food, X Factor Mag, Top Sante, Zoo and Zest, among others.

And then I, and the kinda stuff I wanted to read, went online.

Readly App Proteas Blu

– Reading Cosmopolitan in style, in Samos, Greece

And how many do I buy now? Hmmm, probs about five a year, if that.

I hadn’t realised how much I missed them, until I got with the new way to read magazines – on Readly.

Download the Readly App, and sign up for a free trial, and you’ll have access to over 3,500 magazines whenever and wherever you want them.

It’s been described as the ‘Spotify for magazines’ and after two weeks of using it in Greece I already love it.

Readly App for magazines

Here’s why:

– It’s only £7.99 per month (and you can get a free trial).

– You can register to read on up to 5 devices per account.

– If you currently buy 2+ magazines a month you’ll save money by using Readly.

– You can easily read the magazines on your phone (like I did), or tablet or computer with the app.

– At last count 3,500 magazines are included, including their back issues. 

– You can download the mags to read offline. 

– It’s easy to cancel at any time.

– No paper, no waste!

Readly’s for everyone – all ages, and interests

Review of Readly

I hadn’t mentioned I was writing a Readly app review, or that I’d downloaded the app, in among all the excitement of the wedding in Greece. It wasn’t really the time. Then on about day 4 of the holiday we were talking about phones, and my mum said, “What I need is an app, that’s like a magazine, but on your phone, where you can flick through and have it with you when you need something to read – like at the doctors, or on the beach.” 

I just looked at her.

That’s EXACTLY what Readly is.

And so I downloaded the app to her phone, set her up as one of my five accounts, and she happily added all her home magazines to read for the rest of the week and the flight home. 

The top 5 magazines I chose

Readly App

Cosmopolitan – this has got SO much better since I last read it. Passed at least two hours reading on the plane on the way home.

House of Coco – wanted to read this magazine since my travel blogger friend Hayley told me about it. Her travel blogger friend runs it. Beautiful photography and interesting stories.

25 Beautiful Homes – mum got me onto this and now I’ve basically planned a complete refurb of my downstairs.

Lonely Planet and Wanderlust – just to keep up with my love for travel.

Women’s Health – one of the best health magazines in my opinion… just need to actually do the recommendations…

Readly app review

Review Readly App

Reviewing the Readly App

You can scan read and flick the pages, or zoom in for a closer look. It’s the perfect way to combine our newish way of reading on our phones with the old style magazine reading.

You can save your bookmarks for later, and of course, screenshot any interesting bits for later. Perfect to keep a record on your phone rather than losing scraps of paper.

It’s £7.99 per month for as many magazines as you like. Split that between five of you and that’s just £1.60 per person a month, for all you can read magazines!

And right now you can get your first month for just 99p.


I am sold.

I was given a free trial on Readly in return for a review of the app. All thoughts my own. Basically, if you love magazines, but you’re out of practice buying and reading them, get involved! 

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