How to Maintain a Relationship While Travelling

Travelling the world while in a committed relationship is a tough and emotional rollercoaster for any healthy couple. Considering that there is no sure-fire formula to make it work, you will have to make sure that you do everything you can to ensure your partner feels loved and that the relationship stays strong. You will have to be a good planner, a great communicator and, most importantly, be able to trust one another absolutely.

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Research shows that that couples who are able to stay in a relationship besides being physically distant may even enjoy certain advantages over those who are not. Guess there is some truth to the old adage, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’.

If you are going to be travelling without your partner and need some tips on how to keep the relationship healthy and happy, read our top tips on what you can do below.

Talk regularly

This may seem like a bit of a no-brainer, but you will be surprised at how many couples forget to stay connected throughout the day. Sustaining a continual dialogue is critical to preventing that ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality that could become your new reality.

Trying to schedule a regular time for you to have a Skype or Facetime chat is also a good idea, this will allow you and your partner a time to look forward to when you know you will be in contact with each other. It is important you stick to this schedule as much as possible so that neither side of the relationship feels unwanted or pushed aside for better plans. Commit to keeping in touch as your top priority.

Know the end date

Nothing can make a period of time feel longer than ambiguity. It’s essential that you set an end date to your time abroad so that you have a time frame in which you and your partner can work through.

While you’re apart, discuss ideas for a romantic date night that you both would enjoy upon your return, and when the trip is over, demonstratively convey your excitement to be reunited again. We can all suck it up and roll solo for a period of time, but knowing the end really helps you deal with the issues that distance can create for a relationship.

Sometimes there may not be an end date and you will have to have a conversation about what to expect in the relationship. Some people find that they don’t want to move home after travelling or want their partner to move to another country with them. In this case you will have to think about visas and immigration consultants in London, depending on where you live and where you are thinking about moving to.

Do things together

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You may wonder how you can do things together when the problem is that you won’t be together. But you can still participate in couples’ activities while apart. Read the same book, watch the same series on Netflix, listen to the same U2 album and then slate it to each other… these are all things you can do together to bridge the gap and make the distance feel a little less overwhelming.

Pursuing similar interests creates closeness despite the miles between you and fosters stimulating conversation topics, rather than just recapping what you ate for lunch and what your plans are for tomorrow.

Remember that you’re not single!

There’s a difference between how you travel when you’re single and how you travel when you have a partner. Before you go, discuss your plans and make sure you aren’t going to their dream destination without them or scheduling your trip at the same time as an important event they hoped you’d go to together. You’re an adult, you know how to be in an adult relationship, so take your partner’s needs into account and treat them the way you’d like to be treated.

Take your trusting, considerate relationship and do the same thing when one of you is temporarily in a different place.

There’s no doubt that being separated from your partner can be a significant challenge to your relationship. However, you can make the best of this situation by prioritising your relationship; no matter how far away your travels might take you. By implementing these tips into your travel itinerary, you might even notice that you and your partner are getting to know each other like never before.

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