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The Bonham Hotel in Edinburgh Review

I was exhausted after a super fun Hogmanay experience, a brilliant three days in Skye and a mile walk across Edinburgh’s new town with my case, so to walk up to my room at The Bonham Hotel and see the space, the view, the bed and the macaroons was heartwarming, seriously.

Edinburgh Bonham Hotel

Bonham Hotel bed

My arrival platter

I’d done a lot of travelling in Scotland but so far no blogging, so my plan for The Bonham Hotel was two days of chilling in my room and getting through my increasing workload. Yep, I felt like I could just possibly write the equivalent of Harry Potter in this room, JK had invented the whole epic in Scotland and so could I. Or at least answer some emails and work my way through my photos.

The Bonham Hotel

My room was huge, as was the bed (slept perfectly, in silence). I loved the bathroom, and even deemed it worthy of an actual bath, which doesn’t happen often. I soaked and stared at the wall mindlessly, just what I needed after the so-far over stimulation of 2016.

Edinburgh Bonham Hotel

There was a mini bar. I promised myself another hours work and I’d be allowed a beer, sadly there was no bottle opener though, I turned that room upside down in search. Too lazy to go down and ask I decided it was a sign and had a Diet Coke instead.

Those macaroons, I didn’t dare to ask the name of the supplier or I’d definitely scoff the box, much like I did the two they gave me.

The Bonham was a little off the main strip, and down from the Royal Mile, in just a few minutes walk I found the top end of the new town high street and could see Edinburgh Castle perched up on the hill, about a five-minute walk away.

It was near the bus stop to the airport, near the Edinburgh Gin Distillery and right round the corner from Dixons – I couldn’t have asked for anything more at that time in my life.

Food at the Bonham

I trod the squeaky floorboards down to breakfast, ready to eat all I could.

Bonham Kippers

The food here was great. Breakfast was a big operation, especially for me (Scotland was January cold, I needed the energy). I had meaty kippers – I love kippers and can honestly say these were the best I’ve tried – served with a poached egg. I even gave a shout out to them in my Edinburgh Friday Favourites post, they were that good.

The guy in the table next to me had the full Scottish, black pudding and all. I kept sneaking peeks to see if he spat it out, but seemed he ate it, like a normal person. Ewww.

That night I went for a three course dinner in the hotel restaurant – excellent value at £25 with a glass of wine and water. I had pumpkin ravioli with truffle oil, followed by salmon and dauphinoise, and then an incredible cheese and biscuits platter for dessert. All the ingredients were locally sourced, and blummin delicious.

The Printing Press

Edinburgh Printing Press

The Bonham is the sister hotel to the George Hotel where the Printing Press bar is to be found. I went for dinner on the final night. The Printing Press is one of those super swanky places where they pour your wine – the place was either dark or atmospheric depending on the current mood. One things for sure though, the food is on point. I had scallops followed by chicken, sadly with no room for dessert. I’d love to go back some time, when I have friends, to work their way through the cocktails with me.

The Printing Press is about a ten-minute walk from The Bonham Hotel.

The Bonham Hotel review

Bonham Hotel

If you’re looking for traditional Scottish charm in your Edinburgh hotel, along with spacious rooms and a great restaurant on site so you don’t have to worry about breakfast or dinner, I’d definitely recommend The Bonham.

Try to get room 402, the views are perfect.