If you’re weighing up whether to go sailing in Greece or hop on the public ferries, here are a few things to consider that may sway your mind. From pre trip support, to routes, to the friends you’ll make, and the simple fact that once you’re on, you know you don’t have to worry about travel, accommodation, or even breakfast or lunch…

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Pre trip

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Whatever questions you may have about sailing Greece, or Greece in general, you can direct to the sail-ingreece.com crew via phone, Skype or email. They’re there 24/7 to help. Nothing like that for the public ferries is there?


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With a trusted skipper on board who’ll guide you to their favourite spots in the evenings you’ll get to enjoy the best food from the islands you visit. A great way to sample the local cuisine from and with someone you trust.

By day you can enjoy a big buffet breakfasts on board the sailing ship, and fresh lunches too. Compare that to the soggy or dry offerings I know you get on the public ferry and you’ve got a clear winner when it comes to food.


You can bring your own booze on the sail boats, not something that’s appreciated on the ferries I can assure you. Not appreciated, but it happens.

On the sail boats it’s welcomed, encouraged and you’ll even be told where to pick it up when you’re in port. You can even store it in the fridge – jackpot!


When you live on a yacht with 7ish other people in such close quarters you’re going to make friends. Throw in a few beach parties and boat parties and you’ll be best mates by the end of the experience. You definitely don’t get that when you go by public ferry!

Bed time

Feel like you want a nap out of the sun while at sea? On a public ferry you’ll have to find a free chair and try and get as comfy as you can, but on a your yacht, your bed, and shower, will only ever be a few steps away.

Which brings me on to another great factor in using Sail in Greece over the public ferries: no need to check into new hotels and hostels every night. If you sail with these guys then every night is spent on the boat in your private cabin. No need to pack up and out every morning!

Playing Captain

There’s absolutely no chance you’d get to have a go at steering when it comes to the ferries, but on the yacht, if you talk to your captain nicely, the helm is yours.

Perfect opportunity for a selfie, right?

The HERA Boat

The new HERA boat has changed things over at Sail in Greece. At 30 meters long the motor sailer yacht can accommodate up to 25 people. Book a trip in the HERA and you’ll enjoy air conditioning, Wi-Fi, a spacious outdoor dining area, a huge sun deck, and a stylish sitting lounge area inside too.

There’s a bar inside for you to enjoy a drink or two with your new friends and the English speaking crew will be able to answer any questions you have too. The mega HERA yacht operates on the YOLO cruises, or you and your friends can hire it for private use.

The YOLO cruises

You only live once right? Might as well make the most of it. Sail in Greece have a whole range of YOLO cruises to help you experience sailing Greece with likeminded people who just want to have fun too.

You can spend 8 days at sea on a party cruise with other travellers aged 18-35. Join the Athens to Athens cruise and you’ll get to dance on the beaches in Mykonos, enjoy sundowner cocktails in Santorini and try out the adventure sports in Ios. You’ll sail between the islands and dropped off at the most convenient ports for the action.

The YOLO tours are the best way to make new friends, some even forever and always, all in the beautiful surroundings of the crystal clear Meditteranean waters. With beach parties, body paint and famous DJs spinning the night, how can you not make friends?Alongside all the partying of course there’s also the opportunity to learn a little about the history of the islands, and to explore the culture. On each island you’ll get an orientation walk, so you can find out where the whitest sandy beaches are most importantly, but also so you can get an idea of the island too.

And you won’t go thirsty, don’t worry about that. With bar crawls, pub crawls and beach BBQs at every opportunity, there’s a good few chances to try the local alcohol offerings. And then best way to clear that morning fuzzy head? A morning dive off the sail boat into the sea.

Into quad bikes, wind surfing and water sports? Well, this is it. Your big opportunity to do them all in the unparalleled beauty of the Aegean Sea.

If you already have your BFFs rounded up – a group ready to go – then contact [email protected] and they can sort you out with a private charter. That way you can go exactly where you want!

YOLO cruise excursions

Once you’ve bought your sail package – starting at £299 – you can start to think about adding an excursion or two. Remember, You Only Live Once, it could be the best chance you have to make the most of Greece. Who knows when you’ll be there again?

On the YOLO cruise excursion menu you’ll find speed boat safaris, big Greek night meals, quad bike safaris, day trips to Naxos and exciting and insightful tours round Santorini too. All prices start from €20pp.

Holiday factor

Choosing to sail Greece over getting the ferries means you can relax. Your skipper will look after you and get you from A to B and there’s always someone to ask questions. There’s no stressy embarkations and disembarkations and you don’t even have to behave yourself in public because you’ll be with all your new found friends.

You also don’t have to be around the kids running amok on the ferry or worrying about trying to find a good sunbathing spot, or even sitting next to some rowdy bunch. Seeing the islands with Sail in Greece is just a whole lot more relaxing and fun than by public ferry from start to finish.

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