I’ve never said travel is the cheapest thing to do in the world, but it can definitely be a lot cheaper than what you’d pay straight up without my help.

Saving money on travel

Holidays, accommodation, flights, travel, currency and car hire soon add up, and when you’re paying for a house back home (unlike me) that travelling dream becomes a little more unrealistic.

Over the years with this blog I’ve aimed to show you how you can travel, you can travel outside of what you’d normally do, and for less money than you might expect too. As I find new things and new ways around paying the full price, I like to share them with you too.

Cashback site

How to get cashback travelling

Have you heard of cashback sites? You can earn money by booking your travel through them, and they’ll share the money they make from retailers’ advertising. I’ve been told about them a few times, but never had the organisational skills to actually sign up for them.

They use cookies to see where and when you spend at their 4,300 listed top stores and then reward you for doing it through them, at no extra cost to you. They make this money from charging the companies signed up to advertise on their site.

Everyone wins.


Saving money travelling with topcashback.co.uk

Now’s the perfect time to check out TopCashback.co.uk as they’re giving away a Lonely Planet guide for all new members who sign up. Here are a few more benefits…

  • Join for free
  • Highest cashback guaranteed
  • Choose from over 4,300 retailers
  • 4,500,000 members and growing
  • No minimum payout threshold
  • Payout bonus on top of cashback

There are two levels of membership – their research shows that if you join on the first level you’re likely to save £325 over a year, while the next level up will save you £355. That could buy you a pretty sweet holiday, which again, can be booked through Topcashback.co.uk to bring you even more income. Members can save £97 on average on flights and holidays through TopCashBack.co.uk.

Save a few quid

If you’re thinking about signing up, take a look at all the companies involved – including Expedia, Hotels.com, Thomson, British Airways – and see whether you think it will be worth it based on your travels. According to their stats their 5 million+ members saved over £40 million last year.

I’d like to get my hands on some of that…

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